Details on the Romney/Ryan rally in Waukesha on 8/12

In case you’re interested, here are the details on the “Romney-Ryan Homecoming” that will take place here in Waukesha on Sunday.

Date: Sunday, 8/12/12

Time: Doors Open 4:00 PM, Program Begins 5:30 PM

Location: The Waukesha Expo Center, 1000 Northview Rd., Waukesha, WI 53188

Tickets required for entry (free). Click here to get tickets.

Bonus: Herman Cain will be attending the event in support of Tommy Thompson.


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8 thoughts on “Details on the Romney/Ryan rally in Waukesha on 8/12

  1. Herman Cain’s supporting Tommy Thompson…that’s not surprising at all, given the fact that both of them have had infidelity issues.

  2. Typical: The county of Republican controlled voter fraud. Ticketed event to keep “rable rousing” public out. More “Cain” brother killing.

    Be there– or be square and care.

  3. To be fair, though, when Obama was at the Expo Center in ’08, the event was ticketed, too. I think that’s standard at these kinds of events.

  4. The expo will be exploding with enthusiasm. I wish I could go, however, I am sure the comeback team will come back a time or 2 before the election. I cant wait to see Romney, Ryan and Walker together on the stage. Better then seeing an Hollywood personality!

  5. It was an interesting event, indeed, but not for the reasons you’d think…will post my take in the next day or two, after I’ve completely recovered and have been fully debriefed. 🙂

  6. Heckler seemed to be a plant; Romney was too quick with glib response. Rally attended by all white audience, no Blacks, no Hispanics. The ticket does not represent our country. Ryan has energized me to campaign for our president. Thank you Mitt.

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