GOP Convention Memo: Paul Ryan’s Theme Song for DAY 1

Rep. Paul Ryan has declared Rage Against the Machine as his favorite band…I can’t imagine how he came to that position…but after the stress filled day on the convention floor…I can just see him singing this at karoake night somewhere in Tampa!


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2 thoughts on “GOP Convention Memo: Paul Ryan’s Theme Song for DAY 1

  1. Awesome. I guess the one benefit of having to look at Paul Ryan’s creepy face all the time is that so many people are now inspired to post Rage Against the Machine videos.

  2. I was listening to some tunes earlier in the day, and when I heard Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time,” I couldn’t help but think how appropriate it was for Paul Ryan. I thought back and remembered it had a great video, pretty much the Paul Ryan story.

    Our Democratic convention will soon occur, and I hope people of our persuasion can hear the recently released Ry Cooder 2012 Election Special EP. It so far has a video portraying Mitt Romney and his perspective, done in an intelligent and funny way called “Mutt Romney’s Blues.”
    We have to energize Democratic voters to go to the polls, and the more Republicans can limit Democratic turnout, the better chance they have of winning. Please vote and organize your friends to vote.

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