1 thought on “GOP Convention Memo: Paul Ryan’s Theme Song for DAY 2!

  1. Paul Ryan’s educated expertise is libertarian political economy. If you’re American, the icon of libertarianism is Milton Friedman. Ayn Rand thought along libertarian lines. She was ex-Soviet, but laid out a philosophy tailor-made to suit American free marketers.
    As libertarianism has advanced in America, starting with Barry Goldwater in 1964, it has benefitted largely the right wing of American politics. Wall Street especially. Rand and libertarians want “free” markets, for everything. They even think government is a market.
    Among libertarians, there is a small part in the left wing, who want drug legalization.
    Rage Against The Machine pushes a libertarian ideal, whose lyrics are generally considered left wing.
    But who REALLY runs the drug trade? The guy on the street corner? Do the police arrest the REAL kingpins of the drug trade?
    Ryan wants to appear like some now, hip to the masses.
    Beware of the snake oil he is selling.

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