Wisconsin loses 6,000 private sector jobs in June

Clearly Gov. Walker’s “tools” are working, right?!?!?

Wisconsin lost an estimated 6,000 private-sector jobs in July and the unemployment rate climbed to 7.3% from 7% in June and 6.8% in May, according to preliminary data released Thursday by the state Department of Workforce Development.

July marks the second consecutive month of deep private-sector job losses after Wisconsin lost a revised 11,300 private-sector jobs in June, which was the deepest job losses in Wisconsin in a year.

So in just two months, our state’s unemployment rate has risen by half a percent, leaving me to wonder (yet again) when the “tools” Gov. Scott Walker is so fond of touting will start to actually create jobs in Wisconsin.


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3 thoughts on “Wisconsin loses 6,000 private sector jobs in June

  1. The way Walker uses the word “tools” is interesting. When I think of a business re-tooling, it means spending money to change their production process. Walker’s tools mean changing the laws to benefit the owners of business, at the expense of workers losing their collective bargaining rights. Workers lose money and benfits they previously had, business owners get the money once earned by workers and pocket it.
    I often wonder if this whole setup is mainly about transfering money from worker to owner; job creation isn’t really the primary concern of this arrangement.
    WEDC also uses a big portion of the state tax revenue budget to “help” businesses create jobs, at the expense of other aspects of government being properly funded. When those unfunded aspects of government are made to “fail,” then they can move in with privatization schemes.

  2. Why is he and others allowed to lie in their campagin and in office? and still stay in office without being accountable? and hire criminals? and steal from vetrans? ect….. ect…. ect…….? no one has an answer for this, and I ask a lot. Who will pay for the new baby boom if pro life gets their way? Will the children be neglected?

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