Clueless Mitt Romney confronts a gay veteran (VIDEO)

As reported by Mansur Gidfar up Upworthy, back in December 2011 during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney decided to drop by Vietnam War veteran Bob Garon’s breakfast table for a quick photo-op. What Romney didn’t realize is that Garon was sitting with his husband, whom he had married just a few months earlier.

Here’s video of the exchange between Romney and Garon.


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3 thoughts on “Clueless Mitt Romney confronts a gay veteran (VIDEO)

  1. Favorite video of the day! Love this guy! It just goes to show that stereotypes need to be broken down. Obviously Romney (or his staff) saw an older gentleman who is a veteran (by patch on basecall cap) and assumed he’s straight and conservative. I am so glad he spoke up and didn’t just fake it for the cameras like he probably would have 20 or even 10 years ago.

  2. Oh my. Makes the heart sink doesn’t it? I hadn’t considered this perspective before. Thank you for posting the video. How nonchalant Romney is in his defense of inequality. How indifferent he is to equality. Constitutional equality for only those deemed worthy. And what a reductive Constitutional argument he made. He’s unfit to govern.

  3. I think gay people should be able to marry if the want. However, at least this man stands by his beliefs. Obama was also against gay marriage and still is. He just lies. This will not br revealed until later in a very shady way. Someone needs to ask the Muslim leaders we are electing if they support gay marriage. Can Muslim leaders support it without threat of violence from Muslim Brotherhood? Its worth probing just to see. I doubt anyone in the gay community will pursue and provoke in the same way this man did Romney. We need to get real with ourselves. There is a bigger threat to the gay lifestyle than mormons. Its called Islamic law and it threatens gays, lesbians, women and many more. Think that through.

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