Cost to attend a general reception for President Barack Obama? $250
Cost tot attend a photo reception and VIP reception? $5,000
Cost to attend a roundtable discussion with President Obama? $25,000

Scratching together $25,000 so you can tell President Obama what you think of the fact that he didn’t come to Wisconsin to support public employees but now thinks it’s a swell idea to visit when he needs some money for his presidential campaign? Priceless!


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14 thoughts on “Priceless!

  1. Well, he did fly over Wisconsin on the weekend right before the recall election, on his way between a fund-raiser in Minneapolis and his fund-raiser “birthday party” in Chicago. He was providing moral support from 30,000 feet – What more did you want?

  2. Said he would cut the debt in half in his first term. If not, he should be a one term president. (added 5 trillion in less than four years)
    More people in proverty than ever before.
    More people receiving food stamps.
    And he’s the lesser of two evils? Huh, don’t get it…

  3. JWayne,
    You are assuming too much. But, for the sake of argument, couldn’t the same be said for the unprincipled support of Romney on the part of Conservative rank and file? If you think Romney or the GOP agenda has any concern for your interests or for subscribing to American principles of governance you are sadly mistaken. The GOP sells out responsible and ethical Conservatism in favor of craven corruption time and time and time again. It is no longer their habit, but their confirmed and stated way. Yet, the rank and file keep crawling back without ever acknowledging that they’ve been cut off at the knees. Wake up. Conservatives are unfit to govern, they have abandoned respectable statesmanship, and they’re demonstrably untrustworthy. There will come a day when ignorance will no longer serve the GOP, and that bright shining day isn’t too far from now. The rank and file on the Left has the ability to recognize the flaws in their leadership. At the rate the Right Wing rank and file is going there will never be a time when they wise up. Neanderthal Medievalism promoted by the Right Wing will be bypassed by the necessity of sanity, reality, and reason.

    Liberty and Freedom dwindle under the DNC, but Liberty and Freedom are extinct under GOP governance. Lesser of evils will not prevail for very much longer.

  4. Yes, we’re the center of the universe, and it appears Obama didn’t get your message. Whining like this is a nice way to pass blame and play the victim. There may be reasonable reasons to disagree with certain policies pushed by Obama, but not coming to Wisconsin?…show some backbone and move on.

    1. Yeah, John, you’re right….I shouldn’t take this so personally. I should just be happy with what’s happened and get over the fact that our Democratic president has done little policy-wise to support union folks like myself.

  5. Until this fundraiser thing, I thought Obama was avoiding Wisconsin for some sort of tactical reason. I could understand making a calculated decision to stay out of the recall fight, then maybe staying away because he didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that he had chosen to stay away (yes, there would have been a sign or two waving around when he showed up, I assume).
    But staying away for the recall, then staying away for the aftermath, then finally showing up… for a closed fundraiser?
    He’s either clueless or ‘brassy’.

  6. The Johns are not making the great One’s case any better. There are a LOT of people justifiably pissed off. Just keep calling us whiners John/Robert Gibbs. We know the danger of what poor turnout results in and I know dozens of people who will give Obama as much support as he gave us, actually more because while they won’t campaign for him or contribute like last time, they’ll vote for him. Ly’in Ryan helps the cause, but A-holes like you John, push me closer to a Libertarian vote. So STFU!

  7. I realize that politics is all supposed to be about virtue and good feelings. When you take a class in political science, you learn there are two groups: the realists (deal with politics in a “realpolitik,” not trusting your opponents), and the other group the true-believer idealists.
    Obama is doing just waht the opposition is doing, so that HE WINS. I’m all for peace, love and understanding, but when your opponent cares nothing about ethics or morality, what are YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?
    This country is screwed if Rmoney/Ryan win. I don’t think Obama likes this, either. Remember his speech at the convention?
    This is the REALPOLITIK. Get on board or kiss your country goodbye.

  8. Onevote,

    What are you supposed to do when your opponent cares nothing about ethics or morality? Respond with ethics and morality suffused in a commensurate tactical resolve. Acting with “principle in purpose” doesn’t require abandoning “practical” considerations. In other words you respond with Satyagraha: Insist Upon Truth. Inherent within the movements of the greatest satyagrahis (Mahatma Ghandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Wangari Maathai, Leo Tolstoy, Vaclav Havel…) is the strength of truth.

    Your distinction between “Realists” and “Idealists” doesn’t hold water once you realize that idealism isn’t ideology and real doesn’t mean true; Belief pertains to faith and both negate reason. Facts are not static and neither is truth, yet both have a genuine kernel, a core principle or ideal.

    Obama speaks of the longer, more difficult path, but he doesn’t tread the more difficult ground. I expect Obama and the Democratic Party to advocate for truth regardless of the short term electoral consequences, and I expect them to acknowledge that maybe just maybe they need to shift their priorities (their core principles and ideals) when occasion commands. Likewise, I expect their stand to be firm and grounded on those principles.

    Get on board with soulless Realpolitik (and that’s what Realpolitik is – it is arbitrary, autocratic, coldly belligerent, and has no allegiance to any conviction) and kiss your country goodbye. If an injustice machine occupies the system we are duty bound, as Henry David Thoreau might say, to effect counter-friction. I can’t accept lesser of two evils if I desire common good. Moreover, I won’t accept lesser of two evils because I cherish common good.

    You may be right. If Romney and Ryan win, this country may be, as you so indelicately put it, screwed. I suppose what screwed means is as malleable as truth or fact. I believe (i.e. a position for which, like you, I have no proof) that this country is screwed without systemic change. Fundamental, structural change isn’t likely to emerge from the DNC anymore than it is from the RNC. When faced with a choice between degenerate lies and disingenuous half-truths, insist upon truth.

    If you hobnob with Obama at his table rond, give him a message for me – tell him I’ve got my walking shoes on, so I’m likely to bypass his soiree.

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