Thursday Music – “Panic Switch”

At a cost of $103,172 taxpayer dollars, Wisconsin Capitol Police Chief Dave “screw the First Amendment” Erwin has ordered the installation of panic buttons in the State Capitol. While no one has confirmed the number of panic buttons installed in the State Capitol, I’ve been told there could be as many as 400 panic switches installed in the Capitol.

In honor of Dave Erwin’s panic buttons, here’s some Thursday Music – “Panic Switch” from the Silversun Pickups.


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2 thoughts on “Thursday Music – “Panic Switch”

  1. The Chief shows that Repubs will spare no expense, or anyone else, to paint the picture that Democrats are mob ruled. This is why strikes are so detrimental to Democrats recapturing congress and state legislatures this year.

  2. Strikes are important in preserving labor rights and forcing management to negotiate in good faith. The strike is the ultimate weapon that workers have to defend themselves, the Democratic Party unfortunately is not.

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