Gov. Scott Walker: absentee governor

Over at One Wisconsin Now, a crack team of researchers has analyzed Gov. Scott Walker’s schedules from August 2011 through January 2012 and come to a startling conclusion: Scott Walker has taken a hell of a lot of personal time as Governor.

Based on the calendars maintained by Gov. Walker’s office, released under the state open records law, between August 2011 and January 2012 Gov. Walker was scheduled to spend a grand total of just over 44 hours meeting with legislators or his policy staff or working on an a specific policy issue. Meanwhile, over the same time period, a whopping 614-plus hours were blocked off as “personal” time.

Just to recap, from August 2011 until January 2012 Gov. Walker spent barely more than a standard work week meeting with legislators or his policy staff or working on a specific policy issue, while he used the equivalent of 15 work weeks of personal time.

Here’s a graph illustrating just how much personal time Gov. Walker took from August 2011 until January 2012.

Image courtesy One Wisconsin Now

Considering how much personal time Gov. Walker has taken since August 2011, I can’t help but wonder what work he’s done to deserve his taxpayer-funded $144,432 yearly salary.


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7 thoughts on “Gov. Scott Walker: absentee governor

  1. Whoever created the chart doesn’t understand the Separation of Powers. Which branch would a Governor fall under? Executive branch not the legislative branch.

    What exactly does the Governor legislate? What is his role?

    1. What exactly does the Governor legislate?

      Well, how about the biennial budget that his office submits to the legislature?

      Are you trying to tell me that you don’t have a problem with Gov. Walker taking this much “personal time?” What if he had a “D” next to his name instead of an “R?” Would you have a problem then?

      Seriously, you have to be one of the worst apologists for Gov. Walker that I’ve ever come across.

      1. Zach nowhere do I make or state an apology! In fact I don’t use his name and use the generic term of Governor as the party D/R matters NOT!

        The Governor drafts, presents and signs the Biannual Budget once the legislators add/subtract and vote on it, he doesn’t legislate it! They do have line item veto.

        Please point us where he is listed

        Now on to your D/R. Where is your post on Obama’s vacations and Golf times? I would add that I would like to see the facts and figures and not just the pretty bar graph.

        Look at the pretty colors and the shiny objects.

  2. Whoever posted that last comment doesn’t realize that Walker has a history of shirking duties to spend time fundraising or campaigning. Who can forget the motorcycle rides to Green Bay?

  3. It would be interesting to see a chart that has some detail. What exactly are the “official” hours of being a governor?

    As the first comment said the governor isn’t part of the legislative branch. Is there a mention of the judicial branch?

    As far as fundraising, I hate to have to say it, but any/all public officials are stuck with having to find time (while not on the clock) to fund raise. It is part of staying in politics. It does not overlook any of our elected officials.

  4. We are better off when Walker is absent. He can’t fuck us as much when he’s out of state.

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