Chris Abele’s proposed budget is anything but “fair for employees”

Clearly Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele cares about Milwaukee County employees.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s 2013 budget could result in layoffs of about 100 employees and boost workers’ share of health care costs to 29% – a much higher rate than most other public employees pay in Wisconsin.

His budget also would reduce the county workforce to fewer than 4,600 workers, a cut of 5%, continuing a decade-long trend of county job reductions, according to an analysis by County Board staff.

In perhaps the most stunning statement I’ve ever read/heard from an elected official’s spokesperson, Abele’s flack Brendan Conway had the unmitigated gall to say, “It’s important for Chris to have a budget that’s fair for employees, but more importantly serves the people of Milwaukee County.”

Yeah, because nothing says “fairness” like layoffs and large increases in health insurance costs for employees.


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4 thoughts on “Chris Abele’s proposed budget is anything but “fair for employees”

  1. And all so we can save $30 a year in taxes. We are a nation of tax sissies. We’ll see our public services slowly crumble because we “can’t afford” to have our taxes go up.

    1. Ted, I assume you would be first in line to pay a tax hike? Add up all the taxes you pay. At what point do you think its immoral that government takes a bigger chunk of your wages than you get to keep? And no, we CAN’T afford our taxes to go up. Maybe you can.

      The real question is not what’s fair or not fair for employees but what services are essential to be delivered by the county and how many employees it takes to do that. The county shouldn’t be in the business of employing people just for the sake of employing people. The story says the sheriff’s office will take the biggest hit, but doesn’t elaborate where the cuts will be. Public safety should not be compromised. Abele claims “once retirements and job transfers are factored in, the actual number of layoffs should be minimal.”

        1. With liberals, it’s always “it’s only this much, just a little bit more.” Where does it end? Every year. For the taxes that we pay as a percentage, I’m not sure why they would ever have to go up.

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