14 thoughts on “Global climate change is a hoax!

  1. Climate change is not a hoax. The climate has always changed over time. Thousands of years ago this was all a sheet of ice.

  2. Pretty terrifying stuff, especially when we start discussing positive feedback loops; it seems insurmountable at times.

  3. Make sure you update the screen shot to tonight’s temps when it will be in the 20’s. Global cooling is coming hurry burn some diesel.

  4. Foolish post. You are confusing weather and climate. As Steve points out, what will you post when temperatures dip below zero?

    In 1931, the average December temperature was 28.9
    But then in 1976, it was 9.1 degrees
    Then in 2006, it was 27.4
    A mere two years later in 2008, the average was only 13 degrees.

    Care to make any hoax or non-hoax sense of that? By your definition, these very normal temperature year to year fluctuations are cause for alarm.

  5. Omg we want form 65 to 25 in one day. Global warming is cured thanks to Scott Walker. If you have a link to disprove me please post but I see it unlikely as the record is proven. Long live Walker the climate change cure.

  6. Zach it is 28 degrees right now at my location. I would upload a SS but can not see the location. Can you please point me in the correct direction or update your post? K- Thanks.

  7. I notice that the conservative commenters on this blog made no effort to comment on Jeremy Blombergs comment and video post. Please respond, we don’t have enough dumbassed comments on here yet for my tastes.

    1. What is there to respond to? You and Zach are foolishly mistaking weather for climate. Update the screen shot to the drastic dip in temp from the 5th.

      1. The foolishness here, Mr trademark Steve, is the idea that climate and weather are somehow mutually exclusive. At this point only an idiot or an ideologue would attempt to deny the reality that we are changing our climate to the great detriment of future generations.

        Which are you?

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