What’s the Deal with Progressives and Sexism?

Two of my favorite liberal women talked with me about my earlier post: What’s the Deal with Progressives and Agism?

I was so tuned into the issue of agism in progressive politics, partly because I am of the generation of Americans being dissed, that I may have overlooked another issue entirely.

But it was pointed out that sexism is also involved and after having these discussions, I agree.

The one person being prominently called out as too old to run for president in 2016 is Hillary Clinton, a woman. As a 69 year old woman she would be too old to run for president? I don’t think so, but…!

Considering how little was made of (although it was briefly brought up) President Reagan’s age and Senator McCain’s age when they each ran for president, I can’t deny that there is a point. And if we had a retired US Congresswoman of the same age and stature as David Obey, would she have been urged to run for governor in the recall or mentioned as a candidate to replace Senator Kohl? Probably not.

(btw: it is my contention that the Secretary of State is the second hardest and second most stressful position in the US Govt…and Hillary Clinton has more than shown her mettle)


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