Walker health care “plan” would cost WI taxpayers $50 million per year

According to a new report from the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed rejection of a federally funded expansion of state health programs will cost Wisconsin taxpayers about $50 million per year.

The new report from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau immediately became part of the debate over Walker’s budget proposal for Medicaid programs, which is currently before lawmakers on the Joint Finance Committee. The budget panel is rewriting Walker’s bill and will send it to the Assembly and Senate early next month for their consideration.

The Walker administration had presented his plan as saving roughly $3 million compared to current law. However, the Fiscal Bureau said there would be an additional $49 million in costs – a swing of $52 million from Walker’s estimate.

In addition, thousands more people would be covered if the state accepted the federal expansion.

Yeah, that Scott Walker….he’s a fiscally responsible guy!


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      1. That was a reference to another politician. Try to stay with us, dude. And while you’re at it, ask that politician the same question you asked me.

  1. Did Walker lie? We need an investigation to find out what he knew and when did he know it.

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