Of Monkeys and Typewriters (or Ron Paul CNN Interviews)

The Infinite Monkey Theory states that, given an infinite length of time and an infinite number of monkeys, you’ll eventually end up with the works of Shakespeare.  Fair enough.I believe I have discovered important corollary to this theorem: The Ron Paul CNN Interview hypothesis (RPCI).  This hypothesis states that if you throw Ron Paul in front of a CNN microphone enough times, he will eventually say something sensible.  Like a slot machine, Ron Paul eventually pays out.

I submit the following in support of the RPCI hypothesis:

Paul explained that the “deeply flawed” Keynesian economic system of the U.S. had destroyed the dollar, which transferred wealth to the rich because they were the only ones who owned capital and received government bailouts.

“People are begging and pleading for jobs, but there are no jobs as a consequence of bad economic policy,” he said.

Now, ignoring the dig at Keynesianism and the fluff about a strong dollar, both of which originate in the area of Ron Paul’s brain that’s been gnawed upon by the Austrian zombies, he manages to arrive at the correct conclusion.  “People are begging…for jobs but there are no jobs as a consequence of bad economic policy.”  Indeed, Mr. Paul, indeed.

Nailhead, meet hammer.


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5 thoughts on “Of Monkeys and Typewriters (or Ron Paul CNN Interviews)

  1. Thank you for the Ron Paul article. If you dig a little deeper, I think you’ll find that Ron Paul is astute on many other issues.

    1. Ron “Gold Standard” Paul? I think not… As an adherent to Austrian “economics” (I use the term economics very, very loosely when referring to the Austrians) he displays a tremendous naiveté in how macroeconomics functions. He is, in the end, a loon.

    1. If by “progressive” you mean economically retarded, anti-choice, homophobic and xenophobic, then I suppose you’re right. I define “progressive” differently.

    2. And before you acuse me of “prejudice” against Ron Paul, let me remind you of the etymology of that word. Prejudice means to “pre judge.” I’m not PRE-judging. I’m judging. I have evaluated his public statements on policy and I have found him a laughable clown. And I’m judging that he’s a freakin’ idiot who has no business holding a public office.

      And thank you Bill Maher for introducing me to the concept of pre-judge versus judge.

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