Workin’ at the car wash….

Every once in a while, our own Ron Johnson pops his head out of his hole and looks for his shadow. Unfortunately, that is never a good thing for the people of Wisconsin. He did not use his newly purchased position to advocate for more jobs in WI, nor for access to health care for Wisconsinites. He did not even use it to tell us if he is taking government funded health care(which he describes as the biggest assault on our freedom in his lifetime). He used his pulpit to advocate for the wonders of outsourcing jobs and destroying small town Wisconsin.

Of course the Alliance for American Manufacturing, points out that at the current pace of job creation, it will take 24 years to restore manufacturing employment to 2000 levels. So those “awful lot of jobs” that RoJo says are created over here, appear to be cutting the lawn and washing the cars of the CEO’s and and Boards of Directors, who make the millions by selling out our middle class. Not everyone can marry into the club.


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2 thoughts on “Workin’ at the car wash….

  1. Is anyone compiling a list of statements from our current pack of Wisconsin state and federal republican legislators and officials? You know, sort of a
    ” Compendium of Asininity: Volume I ”

    Walker : ” There’s Madison and then there’s the rest of Wisconsin ”
    Duffy : ” I struggle to pay my bills too ”
    Johnson : ” Creating jobs in China is good for the US ”
    Ryan : ” Privatizing Medicare is good for Medicare and seniors”
    Huebsch : ” It will cost 7.5 million to restore the capitol building”
    Fitzgeralds: Actually, there’s too many of them over the last eight weeks to single one out right now.

    I think the ” Compendium of Asininity: Volume I ” sales could actually generate some much needed revenue for Wisconsin, and maybe even help offset the 7.5 million it will cost to restore the capitol building

  2. I would assume that the people at the Dem party are recording these and will bring them back a few times when needed. The only problem as i see it is to make sure and not forget, because I have a feeling, that this list will get longer and longer by the time the next elections roll around.

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