Kringle? Really?

Democratic State Rep. Cory Mason of Racine proposed honoring the kringle _ a large round flat pastry with a hole in the middle made predominantly in Racine County _ in the state budget proposal that passed early Wednesday.

I have been considering a series of blogs titled, “This is in the state budget?” or at least a single omnibus post about all of the non-budgetary crap that’s being shoved into the current budget bill…but it is really hard to call out the Republicans and Governor Walker for ignoring their various pledges to omit non-budgetary nonsense…when our friends stick even more inane nonsense into the budget like Kringle. gee whillikers!

But yes, unfortunately there are dozens of very serious items in the budget that should be stand alone items…either because they have nothing to do with the state budget…and/or…because they deserve a very serious public discussion in their own right. And they should all be pulled from the budget and reintroduced as stand alone bills.


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4 thoughts on “Kringle? Really?

    1. Far too seasonal…if you are going for seasonal but with a singularly Wisconsin flare…it’s the cream puff, Illinois cream and all! LOL!!

  1. Or if you are not in Racine County, come on over to my neighborhood in Seattle WA!!!! You can get Kringle at Larsen’s Bakery!

  2. Kringle is a mighty fine pastry…

    I propose honoring some close-to-home cookery everyone in Wisconsin can share. In this way everyone can honor Scott Walker for more than just his budget; for all time all Wisconsin citizens can share in an official state cuisine.

    For the official state pastry, I recommend:

    Half-Baked Doofus Loaf – Easy to make, simple to sponsor; just mix stale, crusty bread bits with taconite waste water, shove it in a loaf pan – though the truly enterprising might make mini-mine muffins – bake until surface gleams with a distinct scorched-earth quality… a dish best served cold at your local soup kitchen

    For the official state confection, I suggest:

    Walker-fried Nut Puckers – Sure to curl even the most optimistic lip. Slice 15 million lemons, sautee with 20 million nuts of choice, stir until make sense. Serve in bar car on some out-of state high speed rail train.

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