So what will President Obama say about Syria tonight?

Here’s a bit of an open thread.

What do you expect/hope to hear President Barack Obama say tonight regarding the situation in Syria and our possible involvement in that civil war?


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5 thoughts on “So what will President Obama say about Syria tonight?

  1. Not remarkably absent was any reference to ongoing chances for diplomacy. This must have cut short his “Tuesday’s with Barry,” kill list selections. Somebody may have inadvertently gotten a few extra days of breathing. He looked like the walking dead.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Nice counterpoint to the ridiculous re-hashing of the whole Syrian situation by pundits today. Reflects zero’s new found level of respect world-wide, in-as-much as we are not watching “humanitarian bombs,” liberating Syrian civilians into eternal bliss, at least for today, and in an odd way says the world is waking up with the healthy global outcry for enough insanity from the war-mongering PTB. Let us hope the trend continues.

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