Why The Affordable Care Act Isn’t A Train Wreck!

We’ve been inundated with talking points from the Tea Party and the Republican Party on how the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is a train wreck. We’ve seen the uproarious political cartoons from the right that let us know that the ACA, aka Obamacare, is a train wreck.

Well here’s why I know that Obamacare is going to work.

The Republicans in the house are doing everything in their power…possibly even crashing the world economy…by shutting down the US government and defaulting on US debt to get Obamacare.

They know it’s going to work…they know that once the initial bumps are worked out…that people will accept it…will come to expect it…and it’s going to work.

If it were going to be a train wreck, they’d sit back and worry about something else, and let Obamacare run off the rails. They could shout ‘I Told YOU So’ the length and breadth of the land!

And they’d easily win in 2016.


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6 thoughts on “Why The Affordable Care Act Isn’t A Train Wreck!

  1. Although I agree the trainwreck talking point is being used ad nauseam by teabaggers, it was coined by one of the ACA architects, democrat Max Baucus. True to teabagger form however, it has been taken out of context and manipulated to suit their own agenda. Here’s a link so the thoughtful liberal may be properly informed to battle against the avalanche of derp.


  2. The best prophecies are self- fulfilling prophecies. Healthcare costs are scarier than taxes and this is issue is scarier than another middle east war. In addition, Healthcare access is an important leverage for the 1%. Winning this issue is convincing the public and media pundants that the ACA is the only way to lowering healthcare costs by allowing the Insurance companies to monitor their costs and find the most effective and affordable treatments and care. This restricts what has been a bonanza for the financial industry by inserting some regulated transparency with checks and balances. But can the media challenged DNC make their case? Will they even want to?

  3. These are the wages of GOP gerrymandering. Most of their districts are so deep in wingnuts, that they don’t have a choice. If they don’t vote against Obamacare, they’ll get primary’ed. The link below makes the argument well.


    In most cases, the only challenge their incumbency faces is from the right.

    What the GOP and a lot of folks hate about ACA is the “mandate.” It forces people/businesses to buy lousy coverage from the health insurance oligopoly. If the Dems could put forth legislation to replace the mandate with a “public option,” it would give folks a chance to BUY into Medicare. The health insurance oligopoly would fight that tooth and nail. They make their profits forcing people to buy LOUSY coverage.

    Another issue that gets lost in the debate is that countries with universal coverage spend LESS per capita on health care.


    We cover only about 85% of our population but spend a lot more to do it.

    1. What we already have in the US is a national healthcare emergency. Ask yourself, what kind of price control leverage would some supreme US executive branch authority have by threatening to declare a national health care emergency and simply nationalizing the whole HC system? I.e. cutting out private insurers all together, top to bottom, setting wage rates for HC managers top to bottom, offering living wages and lifetime job stability and retirement to HC workers and support staff, free full and continuing education and nationalized teaching universities to provide HC training to future doctors, (forcing cost reductions for private colleges if they want to compete) and specialists and staff and then regulating (nationalizing) drug manufacturers, research and health care equipment and supply costs and guaranteeing living wages to that sector of workers and supply chain businesses. In other words, f**k you to private health insurers and for-profit health care, you had your chance and you have failed.

      Anyone who thinks the existing system is not in need of emergency remediation, let them speak up, please.

      If our executive claims to have full AUMF to reign in, “terrorists,” anywhere in the world on the flimsiest of perceived excuses, why is preventing a very real threat to our true and quantifiable national security through a failing health care delivery system any less of a national threat, or and less of a reason to use legal force to correct it? Wall Street, Conglomerate Agriculture, Energy, Communications and on down the freaking line, threats to our national security if not reigned in.

      No I don’t smoke or drink.

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