And Proof That Senator Ted Cruz Still Don’t Get It!

Here is the press release on Senator Cruz’s website…highlighting his speech on the Senate floor before the vote on the debt ceiling and continuing resolution bill:

“I rise today in opposition to the deal that the Senate is getting ready to vote on. This is a terrible deal. This deal embodies everything about the Washington Establishment that frustrates the American people. This deal kicks the can down the road. It allows yet more debt, more deficit, more spending and it does absolutely nothing to provide relief for the millions of Americans who are hurting because of Obamacare.

“This fight was always about the American people who are hurting because of Obamacare, and unfortunately today the United States Senate is saying, you don’t have a voice in Washington. I would ask you, Mr. President, to imagine a different world. We saw in the last two months millions of Americans rise up, sign a national petition, light up the phones to the Capitol, and speak up against the enormous harms Obamacare is visiting upon them. We saw the House of Representatives stand with courage and listen to the American people.

“The answers are not going to come from Washington. Washington is broken. But the answers are going to come from the American People. And so, Mr. President, I am today encouraged. I am encouraged by the millions of Americans who want to get back to our free market principles, get back to the constitution, and stop this train wreck of a law that is the biggest job killer in this country, that is hurting people all across the country.

“That is sad, but at the same time, I am optimistic. I am inspired by the millions of Americans who have risen up. And if the American people continue to rise up, I am confident that in time the U.S. Senate will follow the lead of the House of Representatives and listen to the American people. That is our job. That is our responsibility.

“This is a terrible deal today. It is a terrible deal for the American people. But, at the same time… if the American people continue to rise up, we’re going to turn this around. We’re going to restore jobs, we’re going to restore economic growth, we’re going to restore the ability of people struggling to climb the ladder and achieve the American dream, and we’re going to stop the number-one job killer in this country that is Obamacare.”

I am not a fan of Senator John McCain…but at least he got it!


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6 thoughts on “And Proof That Senator Ted Cruz Still Don’t Get It!

  1. The horrible thing about this Cruz speech is that it’s a typical “opposition lie.”
    Meaning it takes the best attributes of a thing and represents them as the thing’s worst features. The Affordable Care Act is the first effort in American history to coordinate the best features of the American economy, technology and medicine to provide better and more affordable cost in an industry that has gone beserk with rising costs to the extent that we are in extreme danger of no longer functioning at all.

    The only hardship that it places on people is forcing them to consider and document where they are in the economy and the extent of the healthcare they need…then commit to those decisions. Cruz turns the whole issue around in his brazen lie, calling it an economic hardship that deters health. Such perfidiousness has no redeeming quality and deserves severe censor.

  2. Two issues Cat, there are already successful models for good healthcare, that control costs and provide needed service better than we are in 27 or so other leading civilized nations around the world. These have basically cut out the middlemen and profit motive and decided that health care as a HUMAN RIGHT instead of an investor profit center that all people will eventually be forced to access.

    ObombemDon’tCare does nothing to remedy the problem. Even though Cruz argues from a different approach, i.e. his reasons are wrong, calling it an economic hardship that deters health is right on the money.

    Second issue is that there doesn’t need to be any specific or special issue for the Ted Cruz types to be oppositional to. The new meme (yesterday already) is give them immigration reform or give them the Grand Bargain, i.e. entitlement reforms (cuts) and Obomba absolutely loves the Cruzes to be able to keep saying to his faithful sheep, “see, I (we’re) not like them.” The benevolent fascist’s. Baa Baa Barry has three bags full to pull over your eyes. Apparently he hasn’t even needed to pull much of his wool yet with some people. Give them what he has wanted to do all along (cat food commission ring a bell?) and claim how much less evil he is than them.

      1. It apparently troubles you that the neutered lead ram, fully owned by the 1%, and that is guiding the faithful flock, happens to not be Caucasian. (tiny violins playing) Not my problem, a fact of someone’s birth, but hey, really nice improvement over those verbose comments that you were so ever famous for. I’m impressed, a huge improvement.

  3. Some further reading is at:

    And this one for anyone with limited time to read this weekend a couple comments from the link:

    Bush used to have these moments when the good old boy mask would slip and the cowardly, mean bully boy would come out. As in so many other things, Obama copies him here as well.
    I would take rather Obama’s contempt as a badge of honor, that the rhetoric is no longer working and that and we are really getting to him.
    It goes without saying that Obama is a liar. He could have ended this crisis at anytime and could do so in the future again by invoking the 14th Amendment, going with the platinum coin, issuing consols, or creating repos.
    There was a crisis because Obama wanted one as much as the Republicans did, the people and the country be damned. And yes, for him, this was all a setup for another attempt to gut Social Security and Medicare.
    Obama is an agent of the 1% and can only act in bad faith with regard to the 99%. He does not merit any benefit of the doubt. There is no need to laboriously search his words for any hidden truths. All we need to do is parse the lies and stay focused on the agenda, but his and ours.

    OBAMA GREAT RECOVERY Bush Great Recession is still in effect?
    Five years later we continue to have little confidence in this recovery.
    We have chronic high unemployment.
    Poverty levels continue to rise.
    Record dependence on Food Stamps.
    Weak personal consumption.
    Stagnant wages.
    Falling Middle Class.
    Record Inequality.
    Huge growth in profits of big corporations and banks.
    Corporate earnings represent a record larger share of GDP.
    Real wages declined 18.6% over the past year.
    Trust in three branches of our government lowest in Gallup history.
    Trust in banks at all time low.
    Existing home inventories are increasing…

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