Mary Burke for governor? Meh…

Earlier today Ed noted Mary Burke has announced she’ll seek the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in 2014.

My thoughts on Burke’s announcement? Meh.

Burke has done little nothing to articulate what she stands for, and while many within Wisconsin’s Democratic establishment may believe that to be a winning strategy, I’m less than inspired. Perhaps Mary Burke will turn out to be the perfect foil to Republican Gov. Scott Walker, but for now I’m not buying what little she’s selling.

EDIT: I’d encourage you all to go visit Burke’s official campaign website to learn more about her, but all there is to learn from her campaign website is that she wants your money.


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9 thoughts on “Mary Burke for governor? Meh…

  1. Just seems like more Corporate strategy to maintain the free reign given them by the Bush administration for unlimited and international use of American taxpayer assets without recompense and little responsibility. And the leadership of the WisDems fell for it.

    The public has not really bought the private sector résumé for public office lately. So, IMHO Ms. Burke would be doing Wisconsin a better service by supporting the most capable Democratic legislator in recent times, Kathleen Vinehout for the Governorship.

    1. With you on urging Vinehout, but really sick of your perpetual outright lying through omission, about the Democratic hand (Clinton, Obomba et al) in engaging in the same and even worse corporate welfare and financial deregulation at the expense of the nation’s commonwealth.

      Another lecture on Christian behavior coming next?

  2. Zach and Cat Kin. Couldn’t agree with you more! A primary is needed. Vinehout is a contender!

  3. To all who support a Vinehout candidacy, let her know! Send a note to to say “Run, Kathleen, run!” If you’re inclined, add a contribution of $20 (4 honest Abes or 1 Andrew Jackson, the first grass roots president from the rural west) to the mix. As her husband put it, “it’s a lot easier to ride a wave that has started to move.”


    1. Make sure you thank Vinehout for her pro-life stances, because I know that you support that, right?

      1. I’m pro-life too, provide proper sex education, contraceptives, and adequate health care, food and shelter and jobs to WI and US citizens. Pro-life does not negate pro-choice for any particular woman. Think a little bit past the talking point, please.

      2. Stan- You mean the same “pro- life” stance that had Mike Ellis shouting Vinehout down in the debate over the required Trans-vag ultrasound bill?

        Get some updated talking points. That one’s expired. By the way, what’s Mary Burke’s position on contraceptive freedom ? (Seriously, I don’t know what it is or where I can find it)

  4. Just caught the tail end of Sly with Mike Tate, 3:00 – 3:30 PM. Will be waiting for the re-play but my recollections are, having big money is not necessarily a bad thing for a candidate and that the right-wing radio wackos were letting the crap fly heavy about that one issue already today. Anybody else hear the whole thing?

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