Paul Ryan’s friend, Rush Limbaugh is in trouble…

“I love the women’s movement — especially when walking behind it.” –Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limnbaugh is at it again…when he is not being a racist, a bigot, or downright ignorant, he is being a sexist. His latest you can file the latest disgusting remarks under sexism.

Rush Limbaugh’s trembling jowls think Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown grad student who was denied the right to testify at the House Oversight Committee’s hearing on contraceptives, is a big fat slut. A whore. A harlot. A big time prostitute.

Fluke argued that birth control should be covered by religious institutions, and that fellow students are paying far too much out of pocket for a prescription. In response to her suggestion that women are often prescribed birth control for medical reasons, Rush got all red in the face and took to his radio show, sputtering:

What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception.

Mercy me, what can be done about America’s loose ladies and their whorey uteral demands? Rush continued his nonsensical bushwhacking by insulting Fluke’s family and the values she was raised on:

Can you imagine if you’re her parents how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter goes up to a congressional hearing conducted by the Botox-filled Nancy Pelosi and testifies she’s having so much sex she can’t afford her own birth control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them, or the Pop.

Tonight Ed Schultz allowed Sandra Fluke a forum to defend herself”

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“I guess my reaction is the reaction a lot of women have when they’ve been called these names,” Fluke said during an appearance on MSNBC. “Initially you’re stunned but then, very quickly, you’re outraged because this is historically the kind of language that is used to silence women, especially when women who stand up and say that these are their reproductive health care needs and this is what they need.”

“What’s been amazing to me today is the outpouring of support,” she continued. “Everyone from members of Congress to Georgetown faculty to so many women who’ve contacted me, and I think it’s clear from what they’ve said that they’re not going to be silenced by this.”

Rush Limbaugh is the face of the right and he is a vile human being. This sexist disgusting ignorant republican party spokesman is also a huge fan of Paul Ryan (R- Wall St.).

Rush fawns over Pink Slip Paulie Here and here.

Here Paul Ryan returns the favor.

So let’s recap Paul’s week.

First his good friend John Sullivan said the only way to advance Paul Ryan's career was to start shooting democrats. Then his buddy Rush comes out with this and doubles down on blatant ignorant sexism. I wonder if Paul Ryan will denounce either of these acts? (i am still waiting for a comment on the John Sullivan statement).

They say you can tell the character of a man by the company he keeps…..

UPDATE: H/T Left Leaning Liberal Lady for this list of sponsors.

Some local networks may have additional or differing advertisers. If you note an error in this listing, please post a comment and I will adjust the list accordingly. Contact information for advertisers are listed in case you are so moved to notify them concerning why you are boycotting their brand. Remember: Money talks…..and pulling money from sponsors speaking volumes! Also, if you want to make your voice heard you can try this as well — contact Michael Soifer who handles advertising for the program. Let him know your thoughts!

Premiere Radio Networks owns The Rush Limbaugh show — contact their advertising department at

Corporate offices are here:

And show them some love on Facebook!!

Contact information for Clear Channel Communications:


200 East Basse Road
San Antonio, TX 78209

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Public Relations
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Investor Relations:

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26 thoughts on “Paul Ryan’s friend, Rush Limbaugh is in trouble…

  1. In other positive news, it appears that Glenn Beck’s Goldline advertisers are in trouble too. Something about a scam and the lawsuit is a whopper. Really couldn’t happen a “nicer” bunch of creeps.

  2. Rush Limbaugh is a douchebag.

    Actually, scratch that….he’s a lower than a douchebag.

    Maybe he forgot to take his pills.

  3. I really feel sheepish commenting. I seriously don’t think Rush Limbaugh is anything more than an attention-seeking quasi-comedian, i.e., he’s not really funny or clever, just nasy and uncivil. It seems like a waste of my time to reply. However, a friend commented last night that if Rush is actually concerned premarital sex, contraceptives, paying for birth control etc. he should post a nude picture of his obese Viagra-addled self on the web. That would be a cheaper, but more effective, method of birth control than the “aspirin between the knees.”

  4. It’s really a sad statement and illustrates the lack of relevance Limpbaugh (sic) carries. The man cannot have a well reasoned conversation at any level. Instead the gasbag must resort to shock and votriol ala Ann Coulter.

    I’m going to be writin’ some letters baby.

    1. CJ, it looks like specific information about time, etc. is required for the FCC complaint form.

      Do you have it?

          1. It wasn’t okay when Ed Schultz did it. It isn’t okay when Rush does it. That said, Ed is a passionate guy, and sometimes his passion gets the best of him. Rush, on the other hand, is just a money-grubbing, sexist opportunist.

            In any event, going after Ed in this way and in this context appears to be nothing more than a partisan-based, passive-aggressive defense of Limbaugh.

            First, tell me that Limbaugh is an assh*le. Then maybe we can discuss Schultz.

            1. I find that remark (and by extension – you) disgusting. Truly as disgusting as Limbaugh himself.
              One man, because you view him as a kindred spirit, is just “letting his passion get the best of him” for calling a woman (or women) slut(s) Oh you now how it is – boys will be boys. He’s just “passionate”. Another man, (not your pal) using the same word is entirely reprehensible.

              Reading your words I am reminded how people recommend “journaling” thoughts and feelings. This is because because for many people, something happens in the act of putting thought on “paper”. There is a slight distancing effect, one sees oneself and one’s thoughts with some small degree of objectivity. A tiny window into the way others may see you. Sadly, you seem immune to this process as you write your comments here.

              There will be no “admission” with any merit re: Limbaugh before Schultz may be discussed or judged. You have no standing to set up such barriers. Both men should be and will be judged with the obvious conclusion being – they are assholes unworthy of public attention and respect.

              I assume you are a male. The kind of male who argues forcefully in favor of your “hero” sports idol when he is faced with overwhelming evidence of having committed rape. It’s not about the facts, it’s about who is your Bud. It’s about who gives you some stupid vicarious thrill making a basket or a political point. You are so egotistical (so it certainly seems…) that anyone you like is given a pass just because YOU like them. That is quite a recommendation.

              I did not know Schultz called a woman a slut on the air or in print. If true, he is as big an asshole as Limbaugh. These men are not random blog commenters, easily written off and ignored as inconsequential losers, but rather are individuals with power and “voice”. Let the crime be judged fairly across the board.
              We in WI argue at the incredible unfairness of paying women less than a man simply by reason of her being female. Yet then judge a man more gently because he is “one of ours”. This is absurd.

              Your excuse-making is contemptible. You should feel ashamed – the same shame that you demand Republicans feel for their immoral actions. No man should use his well-paid, influential public platform to call women sluts. No man.
              I am a woman. I vote for Democrats most of the time. Yet, I am to acept as “okay” a supposed “comrade” who is okay with that kind of behavior from a man towards women as long as “he’s on our side”. I should be outraged at Limbaugh, and sign Jeff’s petition immediately, but I should support Ed Shultz because he otherwise serves the Democrat’s interests. This is an obscene thing to ask of Democrat-supporting women. Yet, you ask it.
              Examine yourself please before you do further damage to the women around you. Which I guarantee you are doing with that attitude. Thank you.

              1. Q…..

                I am going to jump in here for a minute. Here is where I see the difference. Im going off memory here, but it seems the difference is Ed apologized immediately and was suspended whereas Rush doubled down – asking for sex tapes etc…

                1. Your memory serves you well, Jeff. Ed did apologize immediately, and MSNBC did suspend him.

                  With Limbaugh’s non-apology apology now out of the way, let’s see if Clear Channel steps up with Limbaugh in the same way that MSNBC did with Schultz.

                  I’m not holding my breath.

                  1. Regarding Limbaugh’s non-apology apology, I found a couple of observations particularly noteworthy:

                    (1) MSNBC anchor, Lawrence O’Donnell observed on Twitter that: “Lawyers wrote that apology.”

                    (2) Melinda Henneberger wrote:

                    “Here’s the real news of the day, though: ‘In my monologue’ , Limbaugh said, ‘I posited that it is not our business whatsoever to know what is going on in anyone’s bedroom nor do I think it is a topic that should reach a Presidential level.’

                    So he does not, after all, think it’s important to keep gay couples from marrying and women from ending pregnancies? That will come as a surprise to [his] listeners, I feel sure.”

                    Footnote: Check out Limbaugh’s website. All the advertisers have apparently fled. Good.

              2. What part of, “It isn’t okay when Ed Schultz does it” didn’t you get?!

                I had a problem with KWD’s deflection. That was the ONLY point I was making.

                To be clear, and to avoid another clueless over-reaction on your part, Ed Schultz was acting like an assh*le when he used the word, “slut”.

                That said, there is a difference between acting like an assh*le (Schultz) and being an assh*le (Limbaugh).

              3. My, my I just love stirring up you drones in the liberal bee-hive. It’s like a sporting event!

                But certainly , shame on me for thinking that free speech and being passionate was reserved for more than just you mindless lippy-laps! Oh yea, since your taking to call anybody who disagrees with that liberal drivel that you spew out ass-*****, please remember an ass-**** at least has an important bodily function! What function do you have in our society? Oh! I know you spend your useless life watching those ‘ Icons’ of political thought on MSNBC. You better because you and your liberal harpies are the only viewers of that bankrupt station.

                So why don’t you sweep out your tent or chain yourself to a tree! For me, I will continue to create jobs, and support families with fulfilling careers and great wages.

                PS: Please before you and the other drones set off on another iliterate liberal sceed, use spell check. Remember, spell check begins with an ‘S’. ,

                  1. Yes, with a very tiny trolld*ck, nads and cerebellum.

                    KWD kind of skipped right over my observation that he had simply deflected in response to my original comment, rather than present and/or argue any substantive points regarding it or Limbaugh. He moved right into a typical pejorative-laden, substance-free wingnut rant, rendering him just another example of the low-information, emotion-driven wingnut which inhabits the intertubes when not nesting over at Faux News.

                    About those jobs you claim to create, and families you claim to support, KWD, I don’t really believe ya. You just sound like another wingnut blowhard who dismisses others with whom he disagrees as losers. The funny thing is this, KWD. I could probably crush you with my wallet alone, even before you and I ever got around to the subject of who creates more jobs.

                    Anyway, KWD, conservatism is dying, and you and the rest of The Wingnut Nation will be marginalized over time. The times they are a changing, KWD. Hope you’re comfortable in the dustbins of history, right next to the Whigs, the Know Nothings and the Birchers.

                    Now, do me a favor, and *ck off, wingnut.

                    1. Since most wingnuts have reading comprehension problems, KWD, I guess I need to clarify that last sentence. It should read: “Now, do me a favor, and f*ck off.”

                      Anyway, KWD, let’s try to get back on track here. Are you in agreement with what Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke or not? Talking about Ed Schultz was a quintessential deflection on your part, one in which you sought to change the subject without addressing it.

                      How does your wife, your mother, your daughters feel about Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute”?

                      Do you actually have any idea what it was that Sandra Fluke testified to in Congress which prompted Limbaugh to defame her in the way that he did?

                      Do you recognize that Limbaugh, as the Misogynist-In-Chief and de facto leader of the Republican Party and the rightwing has alienated a demographic which comprises 53% of the electorate on behalf of the Right, and has single-handedly refocused the national discussion on the Republican Party’s ongoing efforts to culturally take this country back to the 1950s?

                      You can talk about Ed Schultz all day long, KWD, and you’re just not going to be able to change the fact that Limbaugh is a sexist assh*le, and he, along with some BIG assists lately from Republicans everywhere, has revealed to the world, the women in your life included, that the Republican Party and the rightwing are right there with him in his views on women.

                      Ed Schultz, who isn’t a de facto spokesman for the Left, by the way, acted like an assh*le the day that he used the word “slut”. He apologized almost immediately for having done so, and was suspended by MSNBC.

                      Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, went on a slanderous/libelous, three-day assault on women because he is used to acting like an assh*le and getting away with it. Once he thought that his pocketbook was affected, he issued a convoluted and disingenuous non-apology apology. The thing is is that he is still broadcasting, and apparently doing so with the support of “principled” and arrogant wingnuts like you, and without being upbraided in any truly significant way by anybody on the Right.

                      Dude, we laugh at people like you around here. We laugh at the “I’m just here to stir up the libs” arrogance, we laugh at the illiterate, grammar-challenged stupidity with which your represent your cause, and attempt to “defend” the indefensible, and we laugh at the dinosaur-like cluelessness you exhibit as the “meteor” hurtles toward you and at conservatism.

                      2012 is a watershed year for conservatism, KWD. It’s all downhill for ya from here. Enjoy all of your wingnut wet dreams while you can, big guy. You just haven’t got much longer.

                1. I don’t own a tent, but I do own a home.

                  I also support a family with a full-time job.

                  Any other ridiculous stereotypes you’d like me to bust for you?

                  Oh, and it’s ironic you’d attack someone for an “iliterate liberal sceed” and spell both illiterate and screed wrong.

                  EPIC FAIL!

  5. Did you hear about the new Rush Limbaugh diet? Listen to his show while dining and you completely lose your appetite. Listen to him afterwards and it makes you want to hurl.

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