AG candidate Richards advocates for marriage equality in Wisconsin

On the heels of news that four same-sex couples Four same-sex couples are suing Gov. Scott Walker and other public officials in an attempt to overturn Wisconsin’s seven-year-old constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, Democratic State Rep. (and Attorney General candidate) Jon Richards issued a statement advocating for marriage equality in Wisconsin.

“Like so many loving families across the state, my wife Andrea and I are pleased that the federal court here, as it has in so many other states, will have a chance to rule that the U.S. Constitution ensures that every loving couple should be treated equally. As Attorney General, it will be my obligation to the citizens of Wisconsin to defend their constitutional rights; rights that I believe are currently being violated for same-sex couples. I support marriage equality, and under my leadership, the Department of Justice will be an ally of those seeking equality for all individuals in Wisconsin.”

I’m not surprised at Rep. Richards’ stand in support of marriage equality, and I’m heartened to know that if elected Attorney General he would work to ensure equality for all Wisconsinites, instead of seeking to keep us divided.


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2 thoughts on “AG candidate Richards advocates for marriage equality in Wisconsin

  1. FYI, Ismael Ozanne is also a supporter of marriage equality.

    I think we’ve got two solid candidates for AG this cycle. Ought to be giving both of them some love.

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