8 thoughts on “Off the Square: Mary Burke’s Incredibly Moderate Campaign for Governor

  1. Watching and listening to Ms.Burke, I am reminded of Tiny Tim’s offering of “Tip Toe Though the Tulips.”

  2. Mary Burke is new to politics and her campaign is being run by people who are afraid to roll the dice. We will never know if Mary Burke was the insider choice because she had money to pay for the staff giving her this advice, but I’m just saying its a lot easier to have one check coming in to pay your salary than having to earn in through individual contributions.

  3. I implore Ms. Burke to enhance her chances of actually winning by taking strong stands on selected issues. There is simply no better way to garner publicity than this. She should pick her issues, stressing (1) expand Medicaid as per the Affordable Care Act; (2) stand in support of Indian tribal sovereignty; (3)stand in support of local authority regarding the right of counties, cities and townships to enact laws that reflect the needs of their citizens. Nothing too controversial there. Note: tribal rights are delineated in federal treaties and federal court decisions. It would be impossible to attack her for these positions…or at least easy to make people look foolish who try such attacks.

    1. I agree, James, that Ms. Burke pick her fights and not be defined by Walker.

      In order to do so, she must take a strong stand against the “war on women” and support labor in its right to a living and just wage. These two are her core constituents. To add a seasonal touch, without women and labor, Ms. Burke does not have “snowball’s chance in hell” of being elected.

      As far as delivery, she needs to raise the level of her passion.

  4. So far, the prissy tone of Burke’s campaign makes her look like a younger Alberta Darling who changed parties.

    1. My first stringer is out for the “season” due to an injury, but I hope the backup will “step up” to fill the position. I’m waiting for Coach Tate’s substitute to show her stuff.

      Meanwhile, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  5. It seems you are understating the problem. Walker has “blessed us” with awful performance, which can be vividly documented and he’s tied to ALEC which should be called out as an extremist organization duping good people into supporting the corporate agenda. She’s so quiet she’s ceding the middle to walker. Passive is dangerous if you are leading, stupid if you’re behind. we’re blowing a chance to win and have impact on the “movement.”

    1. Yes, mh, let’s not forget Ms Burke is at the top of the Dem’s ticket. If she has a huge turnout, it helps Kelly Westlund, Jon Richards, and other Dems.

      She needs to change her “ho-hum” campaign to a “Burke’s Barn-Burner.”

      Or how about Burke setting the electorate on fire with a, “Burn Baby Burn” campaign?

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