4 thoughts on “The Mary Burke Interview on MSNBC with Chris Hayes

  1. Yes! What a fine governor she’d make for the state of Wisconsin! She’s got seven months to move that polling off the dead heat to an advantage. She’ll get no real help from the media, as Chris Hayes was merely polite and relatively factual and the main stream media would like to keep all races at even to maximize advertising revenue.

    Republicans across the country will look hard at this race as a watershed for April as well. If she can pull ahead before April, she will help Democratic races across the nation…and of course, a smoother implementation of Obamacare (ACA).

    Best of luck on your campaign Trek, Ms. Burke!

    1. Once again, Non, you find a snippet of negativity and post it as the salient message of the whole broadcast.

      1. Thanks for checking out the link. There is nothing positive in Nichol’s critique of “Team,” Burke, there. Instead of scolding me (my parents are long dead) for bringing a thoughtful and respected pundit’s message stating a reality that I wish was not true (I want to see someone beat Walker) maybe your time would be better spent pointing out the obvious to Team Burke. (What kind of governor she’d make is debatable too, but off topic here). If the reality bites for you, NOT discussing it does nothing to change the reality.

        Not discussing reality is the Democratic strategy that brought them their overwhelming victories in 2010 and 2012. (that’s sarcasm, just so there is no confusion)

        Did I refer you to this link yet? Check out the comments, too.


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