John Lehman endorses Mary Burke

On Saturday Democratic Lt. Governor candidate John Lehman wrote a column for the Milwaukee Courier outlining his reasons for endorsing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke.

Here’s a snippet.

It was not too long ago when my plans included retiring home to Racine after a long and fulfilling career as a public servant and champion for middle class issues – but then I met Mary Burke.

Mary inspired me to get in this fight alongside her and turn Wisconsin around. I know that Mary has what it takes to grow our Wisconsin economy and strengthen the middle class.

She has a real vision to create a top ten economy, not just a jobs number that will play well during the 10 o’clock news report. She supports workers and wants to restore collective bargaining rights for our public employees.

Mary understands the importance of marriage equality, is a staunch defender of the environment, and will fight to ensure women’s health care decisions are made by a woman and her doctor.

Seeing eye-to-eye on the issues is just half the battle.

We both know that we have a long road ahead of us to beat Scott Walker and his political war chest, pumped full by out of state billionaires like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brothers.


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5 thoughts on “John Lehman endorses Mary Burke

  1. Thanks for the news, Zach. When people actually get to talk with Mary Burke they realize what a capable and dependable person she is. This has been happening across the state. Not fast enough for me, but she does turn the tide when given the chance.

  2. Our top priority should be the election of Mary Burke, but replacing the TP extremists in the assembly is a close second.

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