Justin Moralez endorsed by ethically challenged former U.S. Treasurer

On Monday Republican State Assembly candidate Justin Moralez announced his campaign had been endorsed by Dr. Rosario Marin, the 41st Treasurer of the United States.

Dr. Rosario Marin, the 41st Treasurer of the United States has given her endorsement to Alderman Justin Moralez, candidate for state assembly, district 20.

While achieving the status of the highest-ranking Latina in the Bush administration, Rosario Marin is the only treasurer born outside of United States boarders. Dr. Marin has had a long and influential career; expanding from the local, state, to federal politics.

What Moralez’s campaign did not mention in the press release announcing the endorsement is the fact that while serving as a Cabinet member in former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s administration, Rosario Marin resigned after it was revealed she accepted fees for giving speeches for firms doing business with her agency, in violation of California law.

Rosario Marin, a member of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Cabinet, resigned Thursday amid controversy surrounding income received for giving speeches for firms doing business with her agency, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In resigning her $175,000-a-year position, to which she was appointed in 2006, the head of the California State and Consumer Services Agency said she “decided to pursue other opportunities.”

The Times, which had inquired about the speech income, reported she had taken about $28,000 in fees for talks to pharmaceutical firms within months of her agency’s initiative to cut oversight of prescription drugs.

As a result of her unethical & illegal behavior, Rosario Marin admitted to three violations of California’s ethics laws and paid $5,400 in fines for her unethical & illegal behavior.

Maybe Justin Moralez is perfectly okay with the spotty ethics record of Rosario Marin, or maybe he simply didn’t do a basic Google search before he touted her endorsement, but either way, the endorsement of his campaign by Rosario Marin certainly doesn’t seem like a positive thing.


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