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Senator Pam Galloway (R- unlimited guns) , the the soon to be recalled Senator, gave an interview to the Capitol Times. This was my first time hearing her “speak” and i realize now how bad russ decker was and why she is being recalled. A couple questions and answers i would like to focus on.

CT: How do you respond to assertions by those working to recall you that you rubber-stamped Gov. Walker’s agenda?

PG: It’s not true. There are three issues in the budget on which I departed from Gov. Walker. The first was the idea to split UW-Madison from the rest of the university system. The second was the WiscNet broadband issue and the third was the beer distribution issue. Although I voted for the budget bill and that was in the budget bill, I did write him a letter urging him to veto that.

Note to Pam Galloway, when you vote yes for a bill/budget that means you approve of said bill/budget.

CT: You’ve been in office for a year and are now facing a recall effort. What does that say to you?

PG: Well, it’s a distraction. I think the public is fatiguing with this continuous politicking, these continuous recalls.

Note to Pam Galloway, Ummm not so much.

The Wausau Daily Herald reports that efforts to recall Sen. Pam Galloway of Wausau have yielded more than 10,000 signatures as of Thursday. To force a recall election, 15,647 signatures are needed. In an e-mail Monday morning, committee head Nancy Tabaka-Stencil said their totals were at roughly 70 percent of the minimum. “No difficulties here other than that she is not very well known,” Tabaka-Stencil said. “I’m sure I’ve met more of her constituents than she has.”


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2 thoughts on “Pam Galloway

  1. It amazes me that no one reports on the fact that this woman was one of the leaders in getting rid of Family Planning in this state. Poor women depend on this service for cancer screenings. How could any decent person, let alone a BREAST CANCER SURGEON vote to literally kill thousands of poor women. Even for a Republican, this is a new low.

  2. Literally kill thousands of poor women? Wow. How ignorant. How about you go researching the percent of funding that goes toward ACTUALLY killing babies vs. the funding that goes toward breast cancer screenings. And while you’re at it…..research the breast cancer screenings and find that it’s actually causes cancer and/or promotes cancer cell growth. And when you’re finished with that… some research on the link between abortions and breast cancer. Then we can talk about who’s killing who.

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