Tweet of the day, courtesy of @TeaPartyCat

This is by far my favorite tweet of the day.


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2 thoughts on “Tweet of the day, courtesy of @TeaPartyCat

  1. I served in the Marines from 82-90. At the time I was with a Ground Unit in Ca. Two of my Best Friends Enlisted in 81, One wound up being on a ship off the coast and My Best Friend was a Machine Gunner with C 1/8 at the Airport when this took place. He made it back OK, But Prior to the Bombing, with the Way the ROE were, Getting shot at and not having Loaded Weapons, That seems hard to swallow, the Initial intent and Mission was not one of aggression, But Peaceful actions. As Firefights took place, That changes the whole situation and as far as I’m concerned, The mission. The Marines continued on. When the Bombing took place, Honestly WE were pissed, understandably so, WE wanted revenge. Years after the Incident, I also served with others from that Unit that knew my Buddy, Small world, We always had a resentment for not acting, Here’s a link that may be of Interest.
    This put a whole new meaning to what many felt at the time. The Blame put on the Ground Commander was pure BS, A scapegoat for Reagans Admin failures. Saint? No, A Freaking Coward. When I Read and Hear about the 4 in “Ghazi” Ridiculous. Selective outrage. Nothing more. A CIA outpost, Think about it Secret, How Secret would it have been with 30-100 Marines, nothing like drawing attention to yourself. All of those Embassy attacks under Bush, Where those People any less Important? Apparently so, Along with the 241. Many just cant grasp that when an event takes place, You don’t just rush in and whack the 1st group claiming responsibility. Many groups claim, But only one is guilty, And the situation is confusing, No Ground Cmdr. worth His salt would blindly commit Forces in such a manner, Ground threat assessment, What do the bad Guys have for Weapons, How many bad guys? Air defenses? Tanks? Without having any Accurate Info, A bad situation can really get ugly without proper planning. Another issue, Sure WE have assets in the region, I know I did a Med Cruise in 89 as part of a Blt, Helo Asslt Co. I went to Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, and Israel, Corsica, Sardinia, Palma Majorca. We don’t just sit on ship for 6 months waiting for something to happen. We would go ashore and Train, Go on Great liberty. So what does that mean? Understand that IF 2,000+ are in one Country, doing either or, Impossible to assemble, get back on ship, And get within striking distance in Minutes. Ludicrous to even suggest any different. I wanted to give some insight from My experience, Though Tragic, those 4 deaths were no more important or significant than any other loss of Life experienced being in Hostile parts of the World, Though many seem to think different.

  2. Favorite because TC is a “moran,” (t-party spelling there)? Reagan served two full terms, raised taxes AND significantly increased the national debt. Tough act to follow.

    I don’t use twitter.

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