H/T To Jake formerly of the LP For This Piece On Trump, Russia, And Wisconsin

This piece over at the Daily Kos was brought to my attention by one of our regular readers. It is a very thorough description of the Wisconsin connection to the Russia/Trump relationship during the 2016 election cycle. It’s well worth the read by one of our regular readers and commenters:
Wisconsin’s Russia-GOP connection. It goes well beyond poll data in Mueller Report

The Mueller Report had plenty of information as to how Russians worked to subvert our elections and gained influence in our current US government. But what jumps out to me is how much of that story and related Russian affairs connected back to Wisconsin.  

Our state appears in the Mueller Report as one of a handful in the Midwest that former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort passed information about to a Russian intelligence agent. The report indicates that this was done to tell the Russians the best way to boost Trump’s chances in those states.

And you may recall that Trump did surprisingly well in all of those states in November 2016. Funny, that.

I’d also like to see Walker, Clarke, Paul Ryan, ex-Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus (named several times in the Mueller Report) and Ron Johnson go before Congress and answer some pointed questions in the coming months. They have a lot to answer for in how they’ve allowed our democracy to be threatened over the last few years, and why they don’t seem too willing to do much about it.  

Nice job Jake!


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