71 year-old woman files brutality complaint against Wisconsin Capitol Police officer

Welcome to Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, where his Capitol Police brutalize 71 year-old activists simply for exercising their rights.

Ann Fleischli said she was collecting signatures on the Capitol Square during the Dane County Farmers’ Market on Saturday when Officer Michael Syphard arrested her. Syphard took her into an office in the state Capitol, Fleischli said, and twice shoved her into a chair while she was handcuffed, leaving her with a bleeding cut that had to be bandaged with gauze. Fleischli filed a complaint on Monday with Capitol Police, accusing Syphard of “brutal and violent” conduct.

Perhaps more disconcerting that Officer Michael Syphard’s alleged violence against Ann Fleischli is the fact that according to the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Program (CCAP) he has an open criminal case for misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct and felony Intimidate Victim/Use or Attempt Force, as well as a prior deferred prosecution for Disorderly Conduct.


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  1. I am just wanting to rant about how so many police muscle power is wasted in catching traffic violations when all can be solved with inputting a device that can monitor not just 10 times a month for the quota but all the time including when driver is distressed. we are currently lobbying at the local government level to embed a monitoring system and put tax payer dollars for better use such as solving crime. we want our roads truly safe not just before the end of the month. we want to be able to monitor at all times thru a monitoring centre. this way it will be more govermnment monitoring plus be able to disable the vehicle in extenrous circumstances.

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