John Burke sets the record straight regarding Trek & Mary Burke

In response to a patently absurd (not to mention false) attack ad being aired by Gov. Scott Walker’s reelection campaign against Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Mary Burke, Trek CEO John Burk (Mary’s Brother) wrote the following letter to set the record straight.

John Burke's letter regarding Trek

The fact that Gov. Walker’s reelection campaign has already resorted to an “everything but the kitchen sink” attack ad spree against Mary Burke tells me that Gov. Walker’s reelection isn’t as certain as some would have us believe. After all, frontrunners with comfortable leads don’t need to resort to attack ads full of outright lies.


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6 thoughts on “John Burke sets the record straight regarding Trek & Mary Burke

  1. Trek and its management appears to be one of those companies that do not practice the “tyranny of unfettered Capitalism” called to our attention recently by Pope Francis in his “Joy of the Gospel.”

    To compare an opposite of Trek’s moral code, we need only look to Walker’s mentor and political banker, the Koch brothers with the primacy of their fossil fuel agenda and their rapacious and greedy appetite at the expense of workers everywhere and the common good.

    I am comforted that Mary Burke has shown herself to be her “father’s daughter” in spirit and moral substance.

    Walker is just another paid agent of the Kochs’ Fossil Fuel Friends fraternity.

  2. What exactly in Walker’s ad is false? It’s a fact that Mary Burke was receiving a share of the company’s income during the period that the decision was made to outsource to China. It’s a fact that the hourly wage in China is less than $2 per hour. If she was the director of strategic planning and wasn’t involved in the decision to outsource to China, exactly what was she doing in this position and what makes her qualified to make decisions on behalf of Wisconsin?

  3. This is the first salvo in what will be a barrage of such ads going forward. Neither the Burke campaign nor Trek will be able to counter the sheer volume, noise, and politically toxic effects of this particular ad campaign. And they’ll probably be timed to distract from each John Doe II document dump between now and November. Brace yourself, Wisconsin. A massive political beer fart is about to envelope the state and stink up the room for a few months.

    1. What’s there to brace ourselves for now? We knew this was coming months ago as we discussed it on this very blog. And Burke’s counter-ad lobbing the issue right back to Walker and his WEDC is well-done. So far Walker has Burke is rich, Burke worked for Doyle, and Burke’s brother opened a Chinese factory to make bikes for Chinese people. That’s not a great hand, really. Now whether Burke is playing the many cards in her hand is another story – I heard the next Marquette poll is about to come out so we’ll see…

  4. After all, frontrunners with comfortable leads don’t need to resort to attack ads full of outright lies.

    Hard to change a standard operating procedure when that’s all there ever was to the Walker and Republican legislative and election strategy. By the way, from the not too very ancient history that begins to collect dust as one outright lie seemingly buries and obscures the previous ones. Memory lane on a hot summer day, anyone? (thanks bc)

    1. We must remember that Walker is a master of changing the subject of his failed, if not criminal, administration. Of course, Walker’s attacks on Mary Burke demand a correction of his lies, ignorance, misstatements, omissions of relevant facts, or lack of logic.

      But we must always use Walker’s attack ads to return, in our reply, to his lack of competence such as with the Milwaukee Courthouse guards and his moral failures such as denying adequate health insurance to the needy. There is so much more of Walker’s failings as a human being and his governance that the public needs to recall before casting their vote.

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