Mary Burke pulls ahead of Gov. Scott Walker in very close Marquette poll

The newest Marquette University poll came out today, and having seen the results, it’s no wonder Gov. Scott Walker has unleashed a barrage of negative attack ads against Democratic frontrunner Mary Burke.

Among likely voters, Burke led Walker, 47% to 46%.

While those numbers are still well within the Marquette poll’s margin of error (+ or – 3.5%), it’s notable that in the May Marquette University poll Gov. Walker led Burke among likely voters by 48% to 45%.

Obviously there’s a lot of time between now and November’s election, but the fact that Mary Burke has shown positive progress in the face of blistering attacks by Gov. Walker is certainly an encouraging sign.


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3 thoughts on “Mary Burke pulls ahead of Gov. Scott Walker in very close Marquette poll

  1. Walker is also playing well with Wisconsin voters in anyway he can: He provided the property tax cut; He addressed the mental health issue by giving oversite to the AMA backed Psychiatrists; He addressed the old age Badger Care issue by losing up procedures; He roams the State’s major manufacturing facilities, promising more publicly funded training through community colleges; etc.,etc.

    The man works hard at his job–not really for Winconsin workers, but for its major manufacturers and his national Republican billionaire donors.

    But with the media firmly committed to the extra money Walker pulls in both for and against, the media will continue to slant every announcement and article his way if at all possible.

    So you, Zach, I and other bloggers and social media posters need to report the real news and press for the truth at every turn.

    1. Agreed!

      I was pleased to see BB referenced recently in a major media outlet exposing or rebutting Walker’s “fairy tales.”

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