Why is Democrat Dan Adams running radio ads on conservative talk radio?

Heard this morning: a radio ad on conservative talk radio 620 WTMJ for Democrat Dan Adams, one of the four Democrats running for the State Assembly in the 19th Assembly district.

The ad was notable because it touted how “fiscally conservative” Adams would be if elected, which is the kind of rhetoric that may play well with 620 WTMJ’s conservative listeners but which certainly won’t win Adams many votes in a district as progressive as the 19th district.

Then again, it’s pretty obvious Dan Adams isn’t trying to win many Democratic voters over, what with his use of anti-union rhetoric in a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.


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1 thought on “Why is Democrat Dan Adams running radio ads on conservative talk radio?

  1. Zach, nice scoop.

    Have to think this is all about Sheriff Clarke. Gary George and Adams are trying to get more Republicans to vote Democratic in the primary tomorrow.

    OT, there have been reports that Paul Ryan is on ballot in precincts at the extreme south end of Milwaukee County and this will hurt him.

    Dad Adams is a fiscal illiterate.

    Capitalism runs on sales. The real “job creators,” are consumers with money to spend.

    Income inequality and monopolies/oligopolies are the real enemies of free markets. Businesses only hire when they have too many customers.

    We can either tax the top .0001% or let the federal government do more deficit spending, or both.

    There aren’t any other options.

    Since we’re off the gold standard, “(Federal) Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/warren-mosler/taxes-for-revenue-are-obs_b_542134.html

    We don’t borrow from China.

    We’re not borrowing dollars from our children and grandchildren.

    No Packer fan ever worries that the scoreboard at Lambeau is going to “run out of points.”

    The federal government can reduces FEDERAL taxes and invest more on health care, infrastructure, and education. The only FISCAL constraint on the size of the federal deficit is demand-pull inflation (too many dollars chasing too few goods) . As the world’s reserve currency, it’s doubtful if, when that could happen, but if it does, by all means, raise federal taxes. That’s their purpose, to manage aggregate demand. They do not fund the federal government. Another hedge against demand-pull inflation in the U.S. is the output gap. http://lostoutputclock.com/ Factories are running way below capacity. In order to

    When the federal government uses block grants to states, to invest in health care, education, and infrastructure, it’s another level of quality control, to make sure the oligarchs aren’t slurping it all up. Another even more important advantage is that full employment in the states, at levels that will support a family, home ownership,… means those folks can afford to pay their state and local taxes. That allows the states to get their fiscal houses back in order. State and local taxes DO fund state and local government. Their budgets have to balance.

    Another corollary on Adam’s fiscal illiteracy is that it kills automation, labor saving improvement and productivity gains. Everyone, especially workers with low skills are understandably terrified of losing their job to technology. If we had a robust federal jobs guarantee http://ineteconomics.org/blog/institute/plan-all-detroits-out-there , it would be easier for companies to automate. Low skill workers can then update their skills to make/repair robots and other labor saving devices.

    Productivity increases are naturally deflationary. They push prices down. That’s the best insurance against demand-pull inflation.

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