Gwen Moore arrested while standing up for minimum wage workers

Kudos to Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore for standing up for minimum wage workers who are protesting for an increase in the minimum wage.

U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore has been arrested by West Milwaukee police during a minimum wage protest on Miller Park Way.

So far 25 people have been arrested by police officers while protesting in front of the Miller Park Way McDonald’s. All ramps leading to Miller Park Way have been shut down thanks to the minimum wage strike.

Fast food workers across the nation will strike again September 4, and following a Labor Day speech from President Obama about their ongoing campaign for more pay, organizers plan to take things to a new level.

The strike is happening in 150 cities September 4 at other national restaurants, including Burger King and Wendy’s.

Predictably Dan Sebring, Rep. Moore’s Republican opponent has already attacked Rep. Moore for standing up for workers.

And to show just how classy Dan Sebring and his supporters are, Chris Johansson, a commenter to Sebring’s Facebook post, opined Rep. Moore was arrested for “impersonating a human being!” Of course Sebring did nothing to correct Johansson’s comment, leading me to believe he condones that kind of vicious and downright disgusting rhetoric.


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10 thoughts on “Gwen Moore arrested while standing up for minimum wage workers

  1. We all know this min wage stunt is nothing more than unions trying to boost their numbers. Well I would have to say these non thinking lemmens will fit in well with unions its the guy of low thinking undereducated people unions thrive on.

    1. Bob,

      Physicians, attorneys, engineers, tenured faculty, dentists, nurses, anyone who uses credentialing to restrict the supply of their labor, is bargaining “collectively.” If you’ve figured out a better way to put a floor underneath your wage, please share it.

      “The Liaison Committee on Medical Education is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the reliable authority for the accreditation of medical education programs leading to the MD degree.”

      LCME’s controlled by the AMA (American Medical Association). That’s physicians in charge of making sure that there’s always a shortage of physicians.

      Winning the game of sperm roulette is your only other chance. Mary Burke won. Ron Johnson married the daughter of a billionaire. Scott Walker married money. Chris Abele’s the son of a billionaire.

    2. You got a problem with that, Bob? I don’t, in fact it’s a welcome change from having low-income people sit back and get screwed

  2. if Gwen Moore is impersonating a human being, her Republican opponent is impersonating a corporation. Real humans deserve a living wage.

    1. If corporations are people why isn’t the state of Texas executing them? Love her or not, she at least gives a crap about her constituents and their challenges to eke out a decent living. When has Ryan EVER done this type of thing? Remember the soup kitchen photos?

        1. See – we agree on stuff. I’d think she easily is re-elected, btw. I hope Westlund who was out in Wausau with the strikers wins as well but I didn’t realize Duffy’s wife was so tied into the Kochs until earlier this week. Kelly must be facing a real spending disadvantage so I hope there’s a strong grassroots effort to get out the vote. She’s bravely campaigning on a detailed platform to improve the lives and opportunities for her constituents.

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