Ethics complaint against Susan Happ thrown out

I guess the Republican strategy of throwing all sorts of mud at Democratic Attorney General candidate Susan Happ and seeing what sticks just isn’t going according to plan.

The state agency that regulates the conduct of lawyers has thrown out a complaint against Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, the Democrat running for attorney general.

“I am obviously pleased,” Happ said Monday in a meeting with editors and reporters of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“It’s what I expected, because I appropriately had no involvement in that case.”

Happ’s campaign released a copy of a Friday letter from the state Office of Lawyer Regulation saying it had dismissed a complaint against her over the handling of a sexual assault case that has raised accusations she had a conflict of interest.

No doubt we can expect to see Republicans increase their efforts to tarnish the reputation of Susan Happ in order to distract from Republican AG candidate Brad Schimel’s own record of questionable decisions and sweetheart deals for his fellow Republicans while Schimel served as Waukesha County District Attorney.


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2 thoughts on “Ethics complaint against Susan Happ thrown out

  1. “But Republicans immediately questioned the agency’s finding because they said the investigator who looked into it had signed a petition to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker in 2012.”

    Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!

  2. It’s beyond silly. But I say we should disqualify, then, any judicial decision or news story that is favorable to republicans coming from someone who did NOT sign recall petition.

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