Kleefisch Family Not Quite Feeling the Love

Undoubtedly it’s tough playing the role of a right wing ultra-conservative on the campaign stump and then having something quite the opposite be part of your real personal life. During the last gubernatorial campaign, Daniel Bice, in his No Quarter column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, discussed just such a dichotomy in the family life of Republican Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.

In her duties as then candidate for lieutenant governor, Ms Kleefisch was campaigning against the sins of gay marriage and maybe overreached just a bit in her comments to an evangelical Christian radio station.

“This is a slippery slope in addition to that,” Kleefisch said. “At what point are we going to OK marrying inanimate objects? Can I marry this table or this, you know, clock? Can we marry dogs? This is ridiculous. Biblically, again I’m going to go right back to my fundamental Christian beliefs, marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Not particularly surprising to us considering the audience she was addressing…but it was somewhat of a surprise to her uncle, Chris Pfauser, who at the time had been in an openly gay relationship for 18 years. It made Mr. Pfauser so upset that he contributed $500 to Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Barrett’s gubernatorial campaign.

“She must finally be feeling the pressure,” Pfauser said. “Unfortunately, I don’t think she really means it.”

And maybe she really didn’t because she apologized shortly afterwards for her poor choice in words.

So where do we find the Kleefisch family during the 2014 campaign? Well of course the incumbent Ms. Kleefisch is running to retain her Lieutenant Governorship…but lest we forget her husband Republican State Representative Joel Kleefisch is hoping to retain his assembly seat in the 38th Assembly district. But despite the gerrymandered redistricting accomplished by Rep. Kleefisch and his cohorts, the representative has a bona fide opponent in Democratic candidate, Tom Chojnacki!

But the Chojnacki campaign finance report indicates that not all of the rifts in the Kleefisch family have been resolved. It seems that Mr. Pfauser acted as a contribution conduit and delivered $500 to the Mr. Chojnacki’s campaign.

Apparently the Lieutenant Governor and her husband, two members of the party of family values, haven’t been exactly straightforward with their family…someone’s not feeling the love.


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  1. A vote for Scooter is a vote for… come on conservatives, who will be outta the state campaigning for POTUS on Nov 5, if re-elected and who will be “in charge?” JB Van Hollen is NOT a choice, now think a bit harder.

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