It’s our money who’s wasting?!?!?

In an ad he’s currently running, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan closes the ad with the following line:

“I know full well that it’s your money they’re wasting in Washington.”

When I first heard that line, I couldn’t help but think that Paul “8 terms in Congress” Ryan has some nerve to talk about politicians in Washington spending tax dollars as if he’s not one of them.

During his nearly twenty years in Washington, D.C., Paul Ryan has proven two things – he’s the epitome of a Washington insider while at the same time he’s a terrible legislator. After all, in all his years representing Wisconsin’s first Congressional district, Ryan has only passed two of his own bills into law – and one served no purpose but to name a post office.

Given Paul Ryan’s horrible record of doing pretty much nothing of substance in Washington, D.C., I can’t help but think he owes his constituents a refund for all those years he’s drawn a six-figure salary for doing a whole lot of nothing.


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