17 thoughts on “Marine Veteran Eric Pizer: ” Please don’t vote for Governor Walker “

  1. Any chance some group will pick this up and run it over the state T V networks? This is certainly a powerful message to not vote for Walker. It could be coupled with Walker’s failure to meet his jobs promise, therefor why should he be given a second chance! It sure would be great if someone or organization could afford to buy T V time and get this out to the people. It is a simple but straight forward message that I feel is POWERFUL! Somebody with deep pockets and a deep feeling for fairness…..let’s get behind this!

  2. What a POWERFUL video & message. So true. This young man’s message highlights what an absolutely IDIOT Scott Walker has been in regard to “no pardons” for anyone in Wisconsin. The mainstream media from across Wisconsin have already reported on Eric Pizer’s situation and request for a Walker pardon. Since the two major print and broadcast monopolies, Journal Sentinel Communications and Gannett Media are so in bed with Re-Electing Scott Walker, I’m betting that this video by Eric Pizer will never see the light of day. Look for Scott Walker supporters to sue You Tube to have this video removed. They successfully sued to stop the John Doe, for the patrons of Scott Walker, there is NOTHING that money cannot buy. Including the Governor’s election next week.

  3. Eric Pizer is a whiner who portrays himself as a “victim”. He is a whiner but he is not a victim.
    The spiteful video validates Governments decision to not pardon.

    1. I don’t agree with the current “no pardon” policy. Having said that, I generally do not approve of pardoning criminal buddies as seems common from the left or the right.

      Regarding Mr. Pizer, he HAS a second chance right now. Not in jail is he? He made a bonehead decision fueled by alcohol and intentionally injured another. War hero or not, ya just can’t do that.
      I think Mr. Pizer would better serve himself by doing good and demonstrating good at home and in society. If he does this, when the pardon climate is a little better he’ll be pardoned. Or, he can continue bitching about a Governor. How’s that work’in so far?

      1. Or, he can continue bitching about a Governor. How’s that work’in so far?

        Pretty well considering both candidates are neck and neck.

  4. Bet Mr. “Independent Guy” would have no problem with his hero Scott Walker issuing a blanket pardon for anyone convicted in the John Doe affair. Walker would pardon his good buddy Eric O’Keefe in a second if that would stop the John Doe investigation.

    Where was Mr. Independent Guy’s outrage when Walker paraded around Teri Jendusa Nicolai to campaign for Walker as being a champion of victim’s rights? Eric Pizer is an American hero and deserves a second chance. I hope his video goes viral as a testament to just what kind of man Scott Walker is AND what kind of people “Stand With Walker” in Wisconsin. People that hate soldiers like Eric Pizer, that’s who.

  5. Eric your single punch defending a friend, seriously injured him. As a trained Marie you should have more self control. I know you personally and I know the whole story.

  6. Zach, we KNOW the whole story here. Things went down EXACTLY the way Eric Pizer described it.

    “Kara” and “Really” are just two more Koch-Whores getting paid by the post to defend Scott Walker. This time their target is a young marine.

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