Scott Walker’s WEDC CEO resigning

As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Reed Hall, the chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is leaving his post.

The head of the state’s flagship jobs agency is expected to leave his post as the governor moves into a second term, a move that would generate additional turnover at an agency that has struggled with the problem.

Several Republican sources told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Reed Hall, chief executive officer of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., will be leaving the agency. The sources spoke on condition of anonymity because the governor has not yet announced any cabinet changes. They did not provide specific reasons for Hall’s departure or any names of potential replacements.

It’s worth noting the Walker administration has already announced that the WEDC chief operating officer Ryan Murray is leaving WEDC to take a job in the private sector, which will leave the WEDC without its top two “leaders” (and I use that term loosely given how poorly the WEDC has performed) at a time when job creation needs to be a top priority for Gov. Scott “I failed to live up to my job creation promise” Walker.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s WEDC CEO resigning

  1. Both were terrible choices. Hopefully with Walker running for President, he’ll take more care to hire experienced, educated and proven business leaders from growth industries….. LOL! Fat chance.

  2. He’s going to select the guy (or representative of the guy), who can raise the most money for his Presidential campaign.

  3. Why do we need the WEDC when we have Rebecca Kleefisch overseeing our skyrocketing job growth? As it says on her own website (

    “Widely credited for coining the phrase, ‘Wisconsin is Open for Business’, Rebecca immediately played a key role in business growth and retention for Wisconsin – cold-calling Illinois businesses that, in turn,relocated to Wisconsin, and nimbly responding to businesses looking for support.

    Rebecca serves as Wisconsin’s ‘Jobs Ambassador’ . . .”

  4. Anyone else think RICO when you see the letters WEDC? What a total disaster….except for those in the “inner circle” who get the free taxpayer money in exchange for a few thousand in campaign donations.

    The fact that “WEDC” wasn’t on the tips of most Wisconsin voters’ tongues is yet another example of why Mike Tate has to go. Because if there’s one thing true Independents hate, it’s “no strings attached” corporate welfare like WEDC.

  5. It would be a great budget cutting move to dump WEDC but then how will business donors be rewarded? …….Wait I think I know; they will be sold state assets at bargain basement prices through Walker’s exclusive no-bid contracts. The last one to leave Wisconsin please turn out the light! The obituary for the state of Wisconsin will mention the state,s cause of death….WALKER SYNDROME!

  6. WEDC is the absolute worst place to work. Internally, people there are either miserable because they work with idiots, or gleefully ignorant because anywhere else they wouldn’t amount to much. Since it’s inception, it quite literally is where good people’s careers end up dying, while **** people’s careers end up thriving. Aside from the executive level, the staff turnover rate is in the high 30’s easily. The place is an absolute joke and a farce. More people should be angry with the mismanagement of the state’s dollars.

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