Ben Carson Is Totally Tone Deaf Too!

Supposed GOP Presidential hopeful Ben Carson likened American Patriots to the terrorists from the Islamic State because they are willing to die for their beliefs? WTF?

Republican presidential prospect Ben Carson on Thursday compared the Islamic State group to American patriots willing to die for freedom.

In a speech to the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting outside San Diego, the former neurosurgeon and conservative favorite praised American patriots for their willingness to give their lives for their beliefs. Then he mentioned the Islamic State group.

“They got the wrong philosophy, but they’re willing to die for what they believe, while we are busily giving away every belief and every value for the sake of political correctness,” he said as Republican officials from across the country interrupted him with applause. “We have to change that.”

Commonly known as ISIS, the Islamic State group has been responsible for hundreds of deaths across the Middle East in recent months. Islamic State militants claimed responsibility for recent beheadings of Western journalists and aid workers. One of the suspects in the recent Paris terror attacks claimed allegiance to the Islamic State group.

Of course he tried to walk it back later:

After the speech, Carson said it’s “ridiculous” to suggest he was likening American patriots to the Islamic State.

The biggest problem here is the audience actually applauded him…

A little side note…in describing Mr. Carson, the Associated Press said this: “The only high-profile African-American considering a White House bid, he remains little known among much of the Republican establishment.”

How can he be high profile (although he’s working really hard to be high radioactive) if he is little known in the GOP?


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