Ending Ted Cruz’s Presidential Campaign Right Here:

For the past seven or eight years we’ve been told that an American male born to an American mother and a foreign born father in a foreign country is ineligible to be President of the United States. Without the largesse of Mr. Donald Trump, few of us would know this simple fact about America.

So now along comes Senator Ted Cruz of Texas…a constant member of the media’s GOP Gang of Sixteen for Sixteen. Well it’s time to put his quest to rest…cause Senator Cruz is ineligible to be president…say wha? No Really!

Born to an American mother and a Cuban father in of all places, Canada. Which unlike the Keystone XL pipeline fanatics who can’t tell Alberta from Montana, the rest of know that Canada is still as of this writing a foreign country. And…until very recently, Senator Cruz was a dual citizenship American and Canadian until he finally filed to relinquish his Canadianness…maybe he should have waited until we normalize our relations with Cuba and gone for a trifecta, but I digress.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

And considering Mr. Trump covets one of those slots in the suite (sp?) sixteen, you’d think he’d be all over tossing Senator Cruz under the next bus to Havana…or wherever!


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