They don’t call that guy Rmoney for nothing (or Third time’s the charm, part deux)

On Friday night, Mitt Romney appeared at the RNC Convention and made a self-deprecating remark about not running as the next Senator from Massachusetts (like he could even beat Elizabeth Warren—she’s way more popular than Obama). He then laid out the three basic principles that would convince Americans to “be with us” for the next Presidential election. First, make the world safe. Second, provide opportunity for all. Third, lift people out of poverty (you know, that pesky 47% of Americans who would rather collect government handouts than work). Unfortunately for him, he has no real plan outside of repealing Obamacare and cutting taxes. It didn’t work last time and it is not going to work this time.

The man is clueless. And too wealthy. He can’t even sell Americans on his supposed strengths. Worst of all, he doesn’t understand why he’s not President right now. He lost because America sees right through him.

He finished up his appearance with another cute story about his wife believing that people get better with experience and he’s sure had enough of that running for President.

If this is Scott Walker’s competition, we may actually see our nightmare come true.


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2 thoughts on “They don’t call that guy Rmoney for nothing (or Third time’s the charm, part deux)

  1. Hillary doesn’t appear to be much better than him. She was on the Board of Directors for Walmart and is a totally 1%’er. Dems need to have Warren or someone run in 2016; otherwise Romney will definitely win against Clinton.

  2. The Dems have to leave Wall Street in their rear view mirror and begin representing and supporting all of us being left behind on Main Street!

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