Young Dems On Governor’s Budget Cuts For The University of Wisconsin:

Click Here for the details on the Governor’s budget proposal for the University of Wisconsin system.

And here is a response from College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Zach Madden:

CDW Chair Zach Madden Responds To Gov. Walker’s Proposed Changes To The UW System

College Democrats of Wisconsin Chair Zach Madden released the following statement regarding Gov. Walker’s proposal to cut $300 million and reduce oversight for the UW System.

“Gov. Walker’s proposal shows exactly how little he cares about providing Wisconsin students with a high quality, affordable education. Despite the UW System requesting $95 million in additional funding, Gov. Walker seems poised to gut our world class universities with little regard for the students who will inevitably suffer as a result.

We’ve already seen the damage $300 million in cuts can do. When Gov. Walker cut higher education funding by over $320 million in his first budget, 41,000 eligible students were rejected for financial aid due to lack of funding. These proposed cuts, combined with Walker’s proposal to decrease state oversight of the UW System, risk causing further financial aid cuts in the short run and drastic tuition hikes soon after. The proposal to reduce UW System oversight is all the more insulting considering Gov. Walker campaigned on a tuition freeze and the proposed changes will prevent any future tuition freezes from taking place.

While Democrats look for solutions to Wisconsin’s student debt crisis, Gov. Walker seems focused on making the problem worse. At a time when 753,000 Wisconsinites hold student loan debt, Gov. Walker’s all-out assault on the UW System risks forcing even more students to take out thousands of dollars of student loans. Perhaps if Gov. Walker spent as much time talking to students in Wisconsin as does campaigning in Iowa, then maybe he would consider the casualties in his war on public higher education.”


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  1. Let’s get back on topic:

    “…Walker’s proposal to cut $300 million…for the UW system.”

    “…damage…Walker cut $320 million in first budget…”

    “…41,000 eligible students were rejected for financial aid…”

    “…Walker…will prevent any future tuition freezes…”

    “…Walker…assault…forcing…more…student loans…”

    “…Walker…war on public higher education.”

    Conclusion: Walker = clueless, conscienceless, corrupt!

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