Giving Joe A Hand

A couple of weeks ago DPW Chair candidate Joe Wineke sent out a letter of intent to run for the position. The letter went out to county party chairs and other party notables, I assume, and at the very bottom of the letter, in tiny print, was a disclaimer that read: ” Paid for by Joe Wineke for DPW Chair, J. Smith, Treasurer. ”

This struck me as curious for more than one reason. First, listing a treasurer is not required in this race by either the GAB or the DPW . There’s no need to do it at all. Secondly, if you’re going to bother listing a treasurer why not print the full name? Thirdly, former state Rep and DPW Regional Political Director Jeff Smith had already thrown his hat in the ring for the Chair position and it occurred to me that it was possible some folks might get confused and think Jeff had signed onto Joe’s campaign as treasurer. ” Hmmmmmm”, I thought, “That wouldn’t be good. ”

So given that Wineke had also included a couple of telephone numbers and an invite to call him with questions or comments, I did.

I must say, Joe is certainly a chatty fellow. As those who know me can attest to I’m typically not someone who has trouble holding their own in almost any conversation on topics with which I have at least a cursory knowledge, but Joe was absolutely exuberant of speech throughout the entire, sort of, conversation.

But I finally got a word in edgewise and asked him flat out why he put ” J. Smith, Treasurer ” at the bottom of his letter. He seemed surprised that I would bother asking about, as he described it, such a small and trivial matter,  so I explained that up in the north woods of Wisconsin, deep in the heart of Winter, sometimes a guy can get cabin fever and maybe just a whiff, a whiff mind you, of paranoia. So he quickly explained that he had to put something down ( which isn’t the case ) and hadn’t gotten a full throated ” Yes ” from the guy he’d asked to be his Treasurer ( Jim Smith ) and that in haste he thought he’d just write ” J. Smith ” as a compromise. “Hmmmmm ” I thought to myself.

Then he launched yet again into a lengthy discourse about what he planned to do should he be elected DPW Chair and mentioned he’d be putting up a website soon, at which point I muscled my way into the conversation and said, ” I’ll tell you what, Joe, how about you clarify this matter there? How about you put Jim Smith’s full name on your website as Treasurer? ” Sure, says Joe, not a problem. And we left it at that.

So just this very evening I went to Joe’s website and looked all over the damn place and, gosh darn it anyway, I can’t find the name of his campaign Treasurer anywhere. I’m guessing he just got busy as hell and plain forgot all about it.

So let me clarify this for Joe, just in case anyone who read his letter might be confused.  Jim Smith, not Jeff Smith, is Joe Wineke’s  campaign Treasurer.

No need to thank me, Joe. Glad I could give you a hand.


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4 thoughts on “Giving Joe A Hand

  1. Candidates for DPW Chair do not have to put any kind of disclaimer on their literature. They are a private organization and not subject to any campaign rules established by the GAB. The Party doesn’t have a requirement either.

  2. That’s what makes the whole thing curious, Joe Kallas. Why did Wineke put anything on his initial letter? And after he told me he’d clarify who his treasurer is by putting it on his website, why didn’t he follow through and do it? I don’t really know him so maybe someone here can tell me: what kind of guy is Joe Wineke?

  3. As someone who knows Joe personally, I seriously doubt that he meant anything by it. And I doubt that anyone would be confused either.

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