James Rowen: Gov. Scott Walker’s “chaos budget”

Yesterday Gov. Scott Walker unveiled his 2015-17 Executive Budget. At the time I shared my thoughts on Gov. Walker’s budget, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t share James Rowen’s excellent take on Gov. Walker’s “chaos budget.”

  • Ending land acquisition for public recreation for more than a decade.
  • Wiping out the historic Wisconsin citizen advisory board above the Department of Natural Resources, further consolidate Walker’s ability turn the land and water over to developers,
  • Stripping $300 million from the UW system while freezing tuition, thus guaranteeing layoffs, reduced options for students and driving faculty, research and driving away local business from the schools and their communities.
  • Stripping more millions from already-strapped public schools by directing unlimited amounts of per-pupil tax funding to private and parochial schools.
  • Borrowing another $1.3 billion to add and widen more highways to reward the powerful road-building lobby though driving is declining as baby boomers age and millennials eschew car ownership for transit.

This isn’t just dropping a bomb. It’s carpet-bombing the state.


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10 thoughts on “James Rowen: Gov. Scott Walker’s “chaos budget”

  1. Zach, is this the same James Rowen that helped bail out and housed convicted murderer David Fine who killed UW Professor Robert Fassnacht father of 3 young children? Zach, I thought with you libs it was all about your associates, anyway that’s what you tell us about Governor Walker. Now James is complaining about the cuts to UW system? At least he isn’t blowing up UW buildings like James Rowen’s friends.

    1. Try to stay on topic. We’re talking about Scott Walker’s budget, not what James Rowen did almost 40 years ago.

      I’d encourage you to try to stick to the topic at hand, because I’d hate to think you’re just trolling.

  2. Well, you have to admit this is all stuff that Walker campaigned on, just like “Right to Work”. Oh, wait a minute…

  3. Tell that to the 85K WI Seniors who depend on Senior Care to get their life-saving medications at a reasonable price you fucking asshole. Tell that to your mom, your grandmother, your aunt, your dad, that their decision to be part of a drug buying program that allows them to live, Walker wants to pull the rug out from under them on that, Walker’s decision is to just have them die and the sooner the better because of profits for the drug companies. Go to hell you sick bastard.

    1. People like Steve enjoy seeing their fellow citizens getting hurt and suffering, which is why he supports Walker’s un-Christian corporatist agenda.

    2. My response doesn’t even begin to address your psychopathic unwillingness to be a contributing member of society in any useful or redeeming fashion. Since when do proposed cuts to a program, being offered as part of the state budget, NOT fit the topic. As uniformed as you are loathsome, but we all know your purpose is to get your pay for being a fascist sympathizer and enabler, a financial terrorist, a trader to democracy, a political whore, a granny killer, a death panel proponent, a thief stealing from the weak, the aged, the physically challenged, no doubt taking from retired military veterans, too. As I said, as sick bastard. That shoe fits, Cinderella, and you obviously wear it, proudly.


    3. My response was perfectly valid given your post, and the general attitude you’ve displayed on this forum.

  4. MaseMan, you have perfectly described Steve & his fellow Walker-ite “The Right Side”. These two loyal Walker supporters are the kind of people who ENJOY watching people suffer. Saying that they enjoy “carpet-bombing liberals” because of the poor life choices they have made is just plain SICK. But so TYPICAL of the kind of people who support Scott Walker. Walker’s Wisconsin has turned into such a HATEFUL place that people like Steve & The Right Side feel free to express their HATEFUL thoughts because they are now considered “mainstream Wisconsinites” in what passes for normal in Walker’s Wisconsin. Wisconsin has definitely entered the Dark Ages since the election of Scott Walker.

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