Walker presidential campaign staffer Liz Mair disrespects Iowa Caucuses

Well this is awkward…

Iowa’s Republican leadership blasted Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin on Tuesday for hiring a senior adviser who has mocked the state’s caucus and its voters, and called on Mr. Walker to fire her.

Jeff Kaufmann, the state Republican chairman, said Mr. Walker, who leads in polls of Iowa Republicans, should dismiss Liz Mair, who was hired by Mr. Walker’s political action committee to lead online communications for his likely 2016 campaign.

“It’s obvious she doesn’t have a clue what Iowa’s all about,” Mr. Kaufmann said. “I find her to be shallow and ignorant,” he added, “and I’ll tell you, if I was Governor Walker, I’d send her her walking papers.”

Ms. Mair, who directed online strategy for the Republican National Committee in 2008 and for Mr. Walker’s 2012 recall election, is known for strongly worded Twitter messages often laced with profanities. But it was a series of swipes she took at Iowa’s Republican voters and at the caucus that infuriated party officials.

Others besides Ms. Mair have complained that the caucus holds disproportionate sway over the presidential nominating process, but generally in less pungent terms.

During a forum for 2016 hopefuls in Iowa in January, where Mr. Walker gave a breakout speech, Ms. Mair tweeted, “In other news, I see Iowa is once again embarrassing itself, and the GOP, this morning. Thanks, guys.”

Considering Liz Mair is a self-described “communications expert,” disrespecting the Iowa Caucuses that may very well serve to be critical to Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential hopes seems pretty darn dumb.

H/T to The Political Environment.


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4 thoughts on “Walker presidential campaign staffer Liz Mair disrespects Iowa Caucuses

  1. I do think having Iowa be such a bulwark of our electoral process is unfair to the country as a whole. If we are going to stick with a primary process, I would like to see a series of regional “Super Tuesdays”.

    Of course I’d also like to see publicly financed elections and an end to the electoral college, but it’s all a pipe dream at this point.

  2. “I find her to be shallow and ignorant,” said the Iowa Republican chair said. What a coincidence! A lot of us find Walker himself to be shallow and ignorant. It all makes sense, really.

  3. Unintimidated? If Walker can take on 100,000 protestors in Madison, can’t he handle the Iowa caucus?

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