State Rep. Josh Zepnick to challenge Bob Donovan for 8th Aldermanic seat in 2016

Yesterday I posted an interview with Justin Bielinski, who’s challenging incumbent Alderman Bob Donovan in Milwaukee’s 8th Aldermanic District in 2016. At the time I interviewed Bielinski, there had been some rumors Democratic State Rep. Josh Zepnick was pondering entering the race, and sure enough on Monday Zepnick announced he will challenge Ald. Donovan in 2016.

South side legislator Josh Zepnick is expected to announced on Tuesday — one year in advance of the 2016 election — that he is seeking the Common Council seat currently held by Bob Donovan.

Donovan, who is serving his fourth term, announced in July that he will challenge Mayor Tom Barrett in the 2016 election. Donovan confirmed on Monday that he is at the same time seeking re-election to the 8th Aldermanic District.

Zepnick said he considered it bizarre of Donovan to run for two offices in the same election. Zepnick said he would only seek re-election to the Assembly in the fall of 2016 if he loses the city race in the spring.

Given the fact that 75% of Bob Donovan’s Aldermanic district lies within Rep. Zepnick’s Assembly district, Zepnick’s decision to challenge Donovan makes sense. After all, it’s a free shot for Zepnick, given he wouldn’t be up for reelection until the fall of 2016, and if he were to beat Donovan it would be a nice pay raise.


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1 thought on “State Rep. Josh Zepnick to challenge Bob Donovan for 8th Aldermanic seat in 2016

  1. Thanks for post Zach. Just to be clear and accurate here…when I announced, I had no direct knowledge that Donovan would continue ror anunning for his Aldermanic seat. That was confirmed by MJS reporter Crocker Stephenson in the article. It does seem strange to me, that someone can be on ballot at same time/election for both Mayor and Alderman. Has a “double dipping” kind of feel. Next, I just wanted to point out: State Legislators under Statutes are approx. 75% FT employees, while City Council is a full time job. While I put in more than 40+ hours a week, you can do the math that the compensation factor is really a wash, since I have ample time as do my colleagues, to earn outside money (which I don’t and instead use the time to do doors!!) Lastly, I believe Bielinski is a public school teacher and should he get elected, would see his pay nearly double. Not a criticism, just factual. I do not believe Justin is running for the money, he is genuinely a pro city, neighborhood activist with pure intentions of public service. I hope to prove a similar mission along with my track record and existing base of 8th District supporters built over the years. Stay tuned for more updates on endorsements and doors knocked! All my best…JZ

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