A Real Choice

Here we have a brilliant short piece from the next Senator from Massachusett’s Elizabeth Warren!

“This next election is about the direction our country takes. It’s about whether or not we are going to be a people who say, ‘I got mine; the rest of you are on your own,’ or whether we’re going to be a people who say, ‘We can invest in our future.’

“And we can build a real future for ourselves and for our kids, so that when the next kid comes up with a good idea, they got a shot to make it big, and so does the kid after that and the kid after that.

“This election is going to affect everyone. We really have come to real choice and what our future looks like is going to be very different depending on who’s governing.”

These difference will never be more clear than they next week as the Republican Presidential Primary Circus rolls into town. Do we want to live under President Obama or Rick Santorum?

Yes I thought so!


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