Rep Brandtjen Plays the Fear and Loathing Card

Representative Janel Brandtjen (R – Menomonee Falls) represents Wisconsin’s 22nd Assembly district which includes portions of Washington, Waukesha and Milwaukee counties…including a portion of the City of Milwaukee. Despite that it seems she only became aware of urban crime earlier this month when a police chase ended in Washington County and resulted in a lock down of the area while police officers searched for the miscreants. So she only became incensed because her constituents were at risk and the sanctity of their Washington county communities were violated.

Brandtjen issued a news release Tuesday complaining about how residents in her district spent last Thursday morning in fear for their lives as police searched for five teens who had carjacked a woman’s Honda Civic at gunpoint in Milwaukee on Wednesday afternoon.

Police spotted the teens shortly after midnight on Thursday morning and chased them into Washington County. The teens abandoned the car after it got a flat tire and fled on foot. Officers spent hours searching for them in the dark before finally capturing them without incident, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel report.

Brandtjen said in her release that homeowners were held hostage in their own homes and “families were forced to unlock their gun cabinets and instruct their loved ones to shoot to kill. The violence and crime that has plagued Milwaukee for decades has now begun to spill over into Milwaukee’s suburbs. I lay the responsibility for this growing and out of control problem at the door of the Mayor’s office.”

No apparent concern for the victim of the initial car jacking but I digress.

What action does she want to take to prevent a reoccurrence? This is totally rich:

A suburban Republican lawmaker ripped into Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on Tuesday and said she would push for funding cuts to the city unless steps are taken to slash Milwaukee’s crime rate.


Better answer would have been: Mayor Barrett is facing some serious issues in the City of Milwaukee and when I get back to Madison I will introduce legislation that will proved Milwaukee with the resources it needs.

Despite being caught up in the urban macro-environment that is seeing increases in street crime, how did Milwaukee get into the fix?

In response, Barrett’s office issued a chart showing state aid to Milwaukee has dropped over the past decade, even as the police budget has climbed.

And who is one of the representatives in Madison who votes on state aid to Milwaukee? Rep. Brandtjen…who represents portions of Milwaukee.

Beyond the obscene and ridiculous response to crime…Rep. Brandtjen is an elected official who we send to Madison to provide leadership…and solutions to the problems we experience in Wisconsin. This isn’t leadership…just another ideologue throwing a tantrum.

Vote her out!


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4 thoughts on “Rep Brandtjen Plays the Fear and Loathing Card

  1. Thank you, Rep. Brandtjen, for your courage in speaking truth to power. Honesty stings and makes the Milwaukee politicians immediately get into their automatic defensive crouch.

    We can’t let our low-crime WOW counties fall victim to the same failed social experiments in ‘alternatives to incarceration’ that are currently hurting Milwaukee. These are great places to live, and let’s keep them that way!

    1. “These are great places to live.”

      Yes but you do realize that the reason they exist at all is because Milwaukee is there to provide the commerce and industry, which provides the jobs, which provide the money it takes to fund the nice communities that surround the city.

      So, given that the suburbs are better off when Milwaukee is better off, don’t you think it would be beneficial to provide the city with the resources it needs to thrive?

    2. WashCoWingnut:

      “Thank you, Rep. Brandtjen, for your courage in defending, “socialism for the elites.” Honesty stings and makes the wingnut politicians immediately get into their automatic defensive crouch, if you bring up, “5 US banks each have more than $40 trillion in derivative exposure.”

      To put $200 trillion in perspective, annual U.S. GDP is around $17 trillion. Social Security’s Trust fund is around $2.3 trillion. We blew at least $6 trillion in the Middle East occupations. 

      Wall Street’s using the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) to “socialize” their derivative risk onto the taxpayers. Almost none of the $200 trillion “trickles down,” into the real economy. It’s mostly on interest rate swaps and credit derivative swaps, nothing goes into the real economy that makes stuff or into new technologies.  

      If Wall Street wins a derivative bet, they keep it all. If they lose a derivative bet, the taxpayers are on the hook, via the FDIC. 

      “We can’t let our,” high-crime, “WOW counties know that the same failed social experiments in ‘alternatives to incarceration’” that work for the elites, aren’t open to them.
      The elites have, “great places to live,” at the taxpayers expense. “Let’s keep them that way!”


  2. I don’t know of Rep. Brandtjen, but to call her an ideologue suggests to me someone who is capable of thinking although with a one track mind. Perhaps, “idiot” would have been more proper considering her solution that would increase crime, even fatalities, with cuts to funding police..

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