Longtime Scott Walker aide Cindy Archer to sue John Chisholm

According to this op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal’s online edition Cindy Archer, a longtime close aide to Scott Walker, is planning on suing Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm for allegedly violating her civil rights.

The governor’s reforms, commonly referred to as Act 10, prompted angry union protests. The reforms also enraged many politicians, including, as I would later find out, Mr. Chisholm and members of his staff. My ties to Gov. Walker and Act 10 made me a prime target for Mr. Chisholm’s campaign to intimidate anyone close to the governor.

In other words, I was targeted because of my politics—in plain violation of the First Amendment and federal civil-rights statutes.

While Cindy Archer wants to play the victim and blame the search of her residence on some politically-motivated witch hunt, I’m more inclined to believe the warrant to search her residence was granted based on evidence (as warrants typically aren’t issue absent evidence of criminal behavior) and likely due to Archer’s longtime connection to Scott Walker. After all, Archer was a key member of Walker’s leadership team during his time as Milwaukee County Executive, serving as his Director of Administrative Services.


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8 thoughts on “Longtime Scott Walker aide Cindy Archer to sue John Chisholm

  1. Three courts now have found against Chislholm and the Statee court will be ruling shortly. since the Federal courts ahve found that what the conservtive were pruported to be doing, running issue ads is not illegal on numerous occiasons it would be hard for another court to overrrule.

  2. There will probably be dozens of these lawsuits against Chisholm. His vendetta backfired. He will be reported to OLR and should be disbarred.

  3. Hey Cindy, maybe you want to talk to your former boss’s campaign attorney, Stephen Biskupic, about how someone’s life can be destroyed by an attorney looking for the main chance. Mention Georgia Thompson.
    As far as I can see, Chisholm worked with several Republicans during the John Doe and didn’t do this all by his lonesome. Odd that Cindy needs to make a big announcement of her victimhood in a major newspaper. I wonder who advised that move?

  4. Anyone else starting to think more shoes are about to drop with John Doe? When the Eric O’Keefe/Walker crowd starts turning up the whining to 11, it means something’s usually coming out. Combine that with the abrupt closing of that GOP call center in Oshkosh, and Gableman’s desperate moves last week (that he quickly backtracked on) and something feels afoot

    Great comparison with the much less legitimate and partisan railroading of Georgia Thompson, Sue. It’s ALWAYS projection with Republicans

  5. I also find it odd that her piece in is the Wall Street Journal rather than local or state media sources.

    Setting the stage for the next line of attack?

    1. That’s where Eric O’Keefe first violated the gag-order ruling under the John Doe stipulations, so a friendly connection to the corporate corruption being investigated was already understood to exist and was likely waiting for any new twists in the ongoing saga.

      The largest mouth-piece for fascist corporate power and disinformation seems to be the logical outlet to me, and likely you are correct. Then the MJS and Gannett don’t need to do anything in the way of their own questioning or investigation of things said, they can simply quote the WSJ. Part of the demise of actual reporting in the country under the couple of giants conglomerations who own all those resources.

  6. “… ruined my career..”? Huh? Last I heard she’s the only state employee who’s been getting double digit raises by jumping from jobs she’s barely qualified for to jobs she’s clearly unqualified for, with long stretches of unexplained “medical” and “personal” leave in between. Sounds to me like she’s been benefiting quite handily from her politics, in plain violation of civil service rules… but I guess rules don’t count when your “career” consists of knowing where the bodies are buried. How unfair of the D.A. to ask for — to demand! — answers without even offering a little career boost in return! What lawless world does Poor Little Cindy live in, anyway? My wages were cut for no reason at all so her boss Walker could lie about fixing a non-existent budget problem. Suck it up, Cindy: you deserve far worse than you got.

  7. Well Steve from your comment i can assume you had the same level of disgust for Stephen Biskupic’s actions and his partisan witch hunt. Or is it only ok when your people do it?

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