One photo sums up how Democrats feel about Bernie Sanders for president

So this happened today in Madison.

Image courtesy Doug Cvetkovich
Image courtesy Doug Cvetkovich

The fact that 10,000 people showed up at a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tells me that his populist progressive message is resonating with folks who are tired of centrist corporate Democrats.


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5 thoughts on “One photo sums up how Democrats feel about Bernie Sanders for president

  1. Zach, thanks.

    I sent Sen. Sanders $50.

    I wonder if any other presidential candidate has drawn that big a crowd.

    1. Isn’t it ironic? Donald Trump has to PAY people $50 to show up at his cheesy events, and YOU, one of 10,000, are so moved by this event that you DONATE $50 because you believe so strongly in what Bernie Sanders has to say. I hope people notice the difference here.

  2. One of the most empowering people that has hit the campaign trail in a long time, finally a Canadate for the people.

  3. Nice to be able to hear Bernie for part of the live-streaming video last evening. Saying all the important things that no one else, including the potential nominee Hillary has said in such simple and precise language, but whom (talking this over with friends), Sanders has already promised to back (the nominee) in the 2016 election is the bottom line here.

    Clearly stating the problems we as a nation face regardless of party affiliation, as Bernie does is a great first step. Reclaiming something as key as the populist and socially responsible view, rather than the Dominionist/theocratic/authoritarian definition of family values is core human rights philosophy of historic significance if we are even to survive as a species. It is that fundamental.

    Incidentally, I see that the DPW site isn’t listing current district and administrative committee members. Have they changed, part of the new re-organization? I used to communicate directly with several of them, and some of them formally backed Clinton for the last several months on their personal social media pages and still are. The long and the short of it for Bernie’s chances within the party?

  4. There’s much to admire about Bernie Sanders, but I’d be cautious about saying that a photo taken in Madison is representative of all Dems in Wisconsin.

    There’s much to admire about Madison,too. Just sayin’

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